Mordecai and Rigby: Overexposed was a short lived show aired at midnight on Adult Swim and in the UK, aired after the Regular show at midnight as four uncensored Regular Show episodes are aired on Channel 4 (Censored versions air on Cartoon Network UK). They are rated TV-MA and contain swearing, drug and alcohol abuse and constant sex references. Each episode runs for 11 mins.


The show was cancelled due to incredibly low ratings by critics. They described the show as distasteful and is misunderstood thinking that the wrong side of society is fine. A critic even said The cartoon equivalent to the short lived Fur TV. It was criticized for also glorifying binge drinking and drugs, especially in the episode White Dynamite (scored 1.8/5 on IMDB) where the two characters start a riot under the influence of alcohol. Although the pilot episode Breakout got generally good ratings (3.2/5) the following episode After the First got incredibly negative reviews (1.2/5) saying that it was ten times more disturbing than South Park and Family Guy combined. and how it was described as almost like pornography in the form of cartoons and anthropomorphic animals.

Episodes Edit

Pilot Edit

  • Breakout (Original version, but Mordecai and Rigby leave their jobs after Benson goes to prison).

Season 1 Edit

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