mordecai and rigby press dimension number 78 to sent them to sonic's dimension


it all started where mordecai and rigby are watching the dig champs show

mordecai; hey i wonder what we should do today

squidward appeared

aquidward; how about you guys continue to clean out benson's garden instead

mordecai; squidward why should we do that and why can't you do it

squidward: i don't know maybe because you kept messing things up plus i don't even know which flower garden should i choose

rigby; there's no way we can do it

squidward; DO IT NOW OR ELSE I FIRE YOU!!!!!!!!!(out of steam but still mad) because benson told me i'm incharge.

squidward left

rigby: do you want to go to dimension number 78 instead

mordecai: sure i do


at the teleporter

mordecai; ready to go to dimension number 78

rigby: yes i do

as theey press it they were teleported

meanwhile at mobius.....

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