it is like a sequel to the night owl


furry, gumball, Darwin, and orange decided to have the contest for a 4 bike after ignoring Thomas.


the episode starts with gumball Darwin furry and orange drinking lemonade

furry: that is good lemonade(drinks it all up)

everyone: hahahahahahaha

furry: thanks for buying these lemonades

gumball: yeah thanks for also doing the lemonade jugging

Mr.Day owl:(speaking on radio) Who is coming? Its Mr.Day owl

furry: shut yourselfs. It's Mr.Day owl

Mr.Day owl:do you like bikes do you love bikes if a bike is a boy would you ride on him as a friend well you can win it on a contest

darwin: wow a contest i never knew they have a contest we can have if it has 3 seats and a wagon connect to it

orange: speaking of that let's do it guys


Thomas: some people don't trust the radio competitions. Just forget about it! It happened to Mordecai, Rigby, Muscle man and Hi fives

Everyone but Thomas: HARDLY!!! IT'S A REAL CONTEST!!!

at the contest the gang arrived owl: hello fokes ladies and gentleman this is owl the night owl's brother and today we are having a contest so 3 2 1 go!

3 days later after the gang are the only one........

worker: sir the only tent is still here and the rest of them have left owl: what it can't be over i need to do something about this

gumball: wait whats the thing again owl: darwin likes to steal the bike

furry: what was it owl: gumball wants to have the bike more than you do

orange: why would furry have to rob the bike to became his owl: he just have to

darwin: how come furry would take the bike alway from me owl he likes to

back at the tent

gumball: why would you do such a thing

furry: well i would you do this

orange: darwin why did you have to do this

darwin: well your the one who cause this

the gang beat upm each other but sundennly they got frozen owl: hahahahahaha now to use my plan let them be frozen on the contest forever

year 9236

the gang thaws but keep fighting each other until they realized what has gone wrong

furry: wait wait things has gone wrong

darwin; what do you mean

furry: well we were fighting but sudennly we were frozen(realize something) wait a minute he lied to us

darwin: about what

furry: about we were talking about raise your hand you find out owl is a lier

all of them raise their hand

furry: also this is mostly my fault if i didn't cause us all of this i wound've been fine by now! Thomas was right!

gumball:(hugged) it's alright furry bad things happen to us all the time

orange:(hugged furry) yeah everything aparently have gone wrong we can always try to fix it

sudeenly the guard appeared

guard: hey what are you(sees the gang) uh oh(speaks on radio) we have the gang unfrozen i repeat unfrozen

the ice smoke was going to the gang

gumball: this is bad we gotta get out of here

they got to the bike and droved off while they break the glass

guard:(speaking on the walkiie talkie) we got runners

at owl's office

quard: the gang got away what are we suppose to do owl:(as a robot) don't let them leave

back with the gang they got a tail


furry: owl

gumball; he must of build this place out of anwsers

orange: don't worry guys i know what to do(being full of air and blow their tail away epecialy turn back to normal) that's how you get

darwin: look theres the time excipit

they got to it

everyone: yeah

sudennly owl appeared


darwin: it's owl owl:(shooting ice lazers and the gang but misses 4 times while their were going around) you can not leave this place i froze you many years ago i made you are and you must be to avenge my brothers death and taking revenge on your friends now get back to glass

the gang:(ranovered mr. day owl as his head was out of his robot body)

contest controll: select year of contest

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