Mordecai and Rigby ditch work for a new cool game at the arcade, only to find a long line in their way.


Mordecai and Rigby are sitting in front of the TV when they see a new cool-looking arcade game in a commercial for their favorite arcade. Right when they are about to leave to play, Benson stops them wtih a mountain of chores. Mordecai and Rigby decide to ditch and make dummies out of cardboard to fool Benson. When they get to the arcade they find a massive line. After a few minutes of waiting, Mordecai gets a call from Benson telling them to get their butts back to the park. Mordecai ignores and  Benson says he's coming to the arcade to get them. Rigby is freaked out and convinces Mordecai to cut in line so they can play and hide from Benson.They use several pranks to get in front, and when they get to the front, the ground  shakes and the guardians of patience grabs the 2. The  guardians put them to sleep and force them to wait a thousand years to wake up. Benson arrives and has to save Mordecai and Rigby by waiting in line for the game (Which is hard since Benson almost has zero  patience).He saves them, and the episode ends with All 3 playing the game and finding out that it sucks.





Guardians of Patience

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