Annushka Katrina Bakhuizen (born January 29, 1990), or as her friends refer to her, Nushka, is a character in the show Normal Show: The Regular Series


Nushka is really pale, she has amber eyes, black hair with hot pink and indigo highlights. She wears a black leather jacket, a grey 'Fist Pump' tee, a black leather miniskirt, and black buckle boots. As hinted by her attire, she is in fact, a Goth.


Behind her rough exterior, Nushka is quite bubbly. she is also loyal, a good friend, and if you piss her off, she will teach you a lesson.

Nushka has a crush on Mordecai.



Mordecai was one of the first people that Nushka met when she got her job at the park. Nushka has a crush on Mordecai.


Rigby is the second person that Nushka met when she got her job at the park. She refers to him as 'her annoying raccoon friend'.


Arty is Nushka's best friend for life. They've known each other since kindergarten.

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