Officer Frank McStudderPants

Character Info Edit

Name Officer Frank McStudderPants
Species Puppet
Gender Male
Hair None
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Occupation Groundskeeper
Member of Zim's Gang
Affiliation The Park
Zim's Gang
Family King of Onions (Father)
Studder McStudderPants (brother)
Elmo (cousin)
Jeffy McStudderPants (nephew)
Sally McStudderPants (niece)
Nancy (Ex-Sister-in-law)
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Played By
Status Alive (Original Timeline)
Alive (Revived Timeline)

Officer Frank Mc Studderpants is a police officer

Likes: unknown

Famly: Sudder McStudderpants (brother) Elmo (cousin)

Friends: Angry Birds

Enemies:The drunken pirate

Officer Frank McStudderPants is brother of Studder McStudderPants and often arrests the drunken pirate whenever he sees him. He also makes a guest appearance in the episode Fighter Drive from The Avenging Regular Show Unlimited.



  • When the show first started, frank had a high voice. But later on, was given a lower voice.