(Movie starts with Mordecai and Rigby asleep then Mordecai wakes up)

Mordecai: Dude...Dude wake up.

(But Rigby didn't move at all)

Mordecai: Dude!.....Dude Benson's got donuts for Breakfast!

Rigby: Hun? Donuts? What!?

Mordecai: Ha ha ha ha ha ah dude I can't believe you felt fo that again!

Rigby: Ah! Why do you have to lie to me?

Mordecai: Cause its fuuuunnnn!!!!

(Then Pops comes in)

Pops: Mordecai! Rigby! Helllooo!!!

Both: Hey Pops.

Pops: You've got some mail from the man who always wears bluuuueeee!

Mordecai: Pops we've told you like a billion times that he's called the mail man.

Pops: Well were I come from we call the mail man an MIB

Both: What's an MIB?

Pops: Man In Blue anyway here's a letter to Rigby and Mordecai ta ta gentlemen.

Rigby: Someday we should vist Pops' hometown.

Mordecai: Yeah now let's see what we got

To Be Continued.

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