it is like a parody of the episode from the annoying orange tv show ,marshmalia


when barranco destroyed the heroes' ship and crash landed on a planet they realize it was orange's true home


the epsidoe starts with the operation

location: somewhere in space

time; 4:56 pm

miles from earth: 1,333,445 light years away from earth

at space  the ship was there in space and the camera goes through the window of the inside of the ship

mordecai: sergant gumball whats the status

gumball: still find but i'm somehow detecting a strange intrusion alert

sudennly a blast hit the ship

mordecai: what's going on

rigby: we're under attack \ backoutside of the ship a broccoli ship was shooting the heroes' ship

back inside another blast from the broccoli ship hit the ship

orange: our weapon system has been disabled we can overrun them

mordecai: well I check on the engine room(calling on the engine room) skips what's the engines status

skips: very bad there was a blast causing the engine to override

coconut: captain it appears we have a transmission on our computer

barranco:(on transmission) it's me general barranco the leader and the boss of the rabbid robot piggy broccoli koopa army surrender now or face the power of the fury of mine

orange: the fury of mine I thought you said your barranco hahahahahahaha

barranco: your so stupid i'm way smarter

orange: can I call you smart for short

barranco: shut up i'm going to count to three 1...2...

orange: 78 77 76

barranco: 75 74 uhh you idiot stupid and dumb fruit you cause me to loose my count

orange: hey hey smart

barranco: my name is not smart but what

orange: hyperspeed.... I said hyperspeed umm captain why didn't we go hyperspeed

mordecai: cause we don't have it

orange: warp speed

mordecai: we don't have that too

orange:: fruit speed

mordecai: I don't know what that is but we especially don't have that either

barranco: well I guess it's time for you to die also so long suckers hahahahahahahaha(ends transmission)

back outside again

the broccoli ship:(charges it's beam and hits the heroes ship also got away)

back inside

pear: captain mordecai our ship is out of control

mordecai: orange where are we gonna crash

orange: well just some planet that has my name full of laughs with jokes and places hahahahahahaha

the camera shows an operation again

planet: unknown

time: 4:58 pm

miles away from earth: still 1.333.445 lightyears away from earth

the camera shows an unknown planet where the gang got out of the crash site

mordecai: wow where are we

rigby: i don't know

orange: hey i reconize this planet it's orangian my own home

mordecai: hey i thought you were from orange city

orange: i know orage city is on orangian hahahahahahahaha

?????:(angry roar)

rigby: what was that

orange: it's glass juice

mordecai: what's glass juice

orange: glass juice is a half glass and a half juice that seeks vengence

mordecai: why

orange: well can someone clap their heads then i'll say flashback

mordecai: fine (claps his hands

orange: flashback please

it shows a flashback

orange:(explaining the flashback) back from may 5 2007 people use to make a new type of juice was glass

guy:(tried the glass juice but it hurts him) AAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

orange: people thought making a new type of juice was a bad idea untill the next day an other orange step in a save the day

other guys:(tried the orange juice) mmmmmm(put his thumbs up)

flashback ends

orange: now since he takes vengence cause he was jealous he tried many times to destroy orangian but fails

Mordecai: now he has his newest plan

Sundennly there were orange guards

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