when plankton takes controll of the space colony ark he decided to fire the park.


somewhere in space plankton was looking for something

plankton; man i need to look for a new weapon to rule something

but sundennly he sees the space colony ark

plankton: it looks like a space station(having an idea) that's it i will take controll of this space station then i will rule the world

at the inside of space colony ark plankton got to the controll of the space colony ark

plankton: man i finally found the controlls if i wasn't that tiny epecially that 5 feet tall i would get to it faster

plankton jumped to the controlls and he used the eggsteroids to power it up

computer; actining power

at the park where spongebob and patrick appeared

mordecai: i miss you guys where have you been

spongebob: well we took a vacation on our trip

mordecai; really that sounds cool

the tv has been braking up then it got a transmission

plankton: hello people it is i sheldon j. plankton and i will finaly take over the world with the space station so now once i began to fire somethhing i will fire the rest to rule the world HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA but only on 24 hours i will destroy the park then everything epecially puting replacements for my new world.

the tv was back on cable

rigby; what just happen i don't remember sheldon

patrick: well we do he wants to find out about the krabby patty formela plus he want's to take over the world

mordecai: well we need to stop him

anthony appeared

anthony: what's with all the comotion

mordecai: do you mind anthony

anthony; alright gees

anthony left

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