Pops Be Gone

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February 13, 2013

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The Explosion

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Season 1, Episode 3


Pops gets fired and the gang struggles to find a replacement.


  • Mordecai
  • Rigby
  • Pops
  • Benson
  • Mr. Maellard
  • Carrey O'Key
  • Muscle Man
  • Starla


(Muscle Man is kissing Starla)

Muscle Man: Oh Yeah, Baby!

(Benson sees them)

Benson: MUSCLE MAN! QUIT IT OR YOU'RE FIRED! And Starla, get out!

Starla: Aww, see ya Mitch.

Muscle Man: What the Heck, Benson!?

Benson: You've been doing that 50 times this week! You obviously have problems.

Muscle Man: What do you mean!?

Benson: Pops is going to help you!

(cut to Pops' Room)

Benson: Pops, can you please help Muscle Man with Starla.

Pops: What do you mean?

Benson: Yell at him if he can't stop making out with Starla!

Pops: But why!?

Benson: C'mon Pops, I think you need to be a little tougher with Muscle Man-

Pops: Oh, but I don't think I can yell!

Muscle Man: C'mon Benson! I'm trying my best!

Pops: See, he'll try and stop.

Benson: But you don't know, they could start when we're not around!

Pops: I am NOT doing that!

Benson: I'm sorry Pops, but I have got to do this, You're Fired!

Pops: But I'M the boss of you!

Benson: Well you don't act like it!

Pops: (starts crying) Fine! I'll live at my daddy's house!

Benson: (sniggers) Daddy? He's over 100 and he calls Mr. Maellard, daddy!? (laughs)

Muscle Man: That was really harsh, bro! 

Benson: You don't know what's harsh!

(cuts to Benson in his office)

Benson: (to himself) Time to erase Pops' file!

(someone is knocking on the door)

Benson: Come In!

(It's Mr. Maellard)

Benson: (gulp) Hello, Mr Maellard. What brings you-(he is interrupted)

Mr. Maellard: Can you tell me why my son is fired?

Benson: It's a long story.

Mr. Maellard: Oh, I will be seeing you then!

(walks outside)

Benson: Alright, replacement, for Pops! Here I Go!

(music plays as Benson puts up fliers)

New Guy: Hey! I'm here for a job!

Benson: You're Hired!

(cuts to Pops' new house)

Pops: (sniff) Why? Why did he fire me? (zooms into Pops' head and flashbacks appear!)

(Sad Music plays through the flashbacks and every 3 flahbacks, it shows everyone with the new employee.)

Pops: NO! I have got to get my job back!

(cut to Mordecai and Rigby's room)

Mordecai: Hey, Rigby, do you recognise that new guy?

Rigby: He's in my head, but I just can't think of who he is!

(knock on the door)

Mordecai: Come In!

(It's the New Guy)

Rigby: Oh Hey!

Mordecai: New Guy!

New Guy: Quit calling me, New Guy! My name's Lou!

Rigby: Sorry, Lou!

Lou: So, I put a suprise in your closet, have a look!

Mordecai: Okay!

Rigby: Woo!

(they enter)

Lou: Nice knowin' ya!

Rigby: Wait, what?!

(they see a bomb)

Bomb: Self-destruct in 10 Minutes!

M&R: Aaargh!

Mordecai: Wait, how far away do we have to be before it explodes?

Bomb: Out of the Park! 

Rigby: Oh Man!

(Lou opens the door)

Lou: So, you've seen my suprise, haven't you, that's REVENGE!

Mordecai: What do You Mean?

Lou: My name's Carrey O'Key!

Mordecai: I knew I recognised you!

Carrey O'Key: I also have a teleport ring! (Teleports out of Park)

Mordecai: We've gotta save everyone!

(scene cuts to Pops coming into the Park)

Pops: Hmm.

(scene cuts to Skips' Garage)

Skips: There's no way we can do that in 10 Minutes! We have to deactivate the bomb!

Rigby: How?!

Skips: Show me the bomb!

(In their room)

Mordecai: Okay! Do it!

(Pops is approaching his house)

Bomb: Self-Destruct in 1 Minute!

Skips: Okay, bomb! Time for you to figure something out! Yesterday, was just an average day.

Bomb: Self Destruct in 30 Seconds!

Skips: Today is a day we like to call: Opposite Day!

(Bomb timer is at one)

Bomb: Bomb Deactivated. Have a nice day!

Carrey O'Key: What? Why's the park not exploding?

(Skips punches him)

Benson: (to Pops) Wow, I really mistaken you for a wimp, welcome back, Pops!

Pops: (laughs) Good Show! Jolly Good Show!


Alternative EndingEdit

Skips: Today is a day we like to call: Opposite Day!

(Bomb timer is at one)

Bomb: Bomb will now explode. Goodbye, Losers...

As the voice from the bomb does a evil laugh, the bomb is wildly shaking. Carrey O'Key then teleports back to the closet.

Carrey O'Key: Too bad! Opposite Day is yesterday!

All (except Carrey O'Key): NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!

The bomb explodes, decimating the park. The only survivor is Carrey O'Key and Mordecai. Mordecai's arm is missing.

Mordecai (weak): Whyy.... you.... little.....

Mordecai dies, much to Carrey O'Key's sucess.


Message: Thanks, Marc122, that would have been funny if I had ended it like that! It's cool that my pages seem to be popular! If this was the end of my fanons, that would have happened, at the end of the fanons, something like this will totally happen! -JoPo

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