this is a parody of the episode of the amazing world of gumball the prank


mordecai and rigby pranked mitch which started to cry and trys to figure out how to prank them back


it all started when mordecai mitch and rigby are eating cereal

mordecai: mitch will you hand over the sugar

mitch; certainly(passes the sault instead)

mordecai: thanks(put the sault in and eat the cereal) owm (barfs out the cereal) that sugar taste horrible

rigby: (tastes it) this sugar seems to taste like sault

mitch; hahahaha that's because I pass the sault instead of sugar hahahaha

mordecai;(talks to rigby) let's prank him back

rigby:(holds th kectup) hey mitch

mitch: yes

rigby: i thinks theres something wrong with the kectup

mitch; really let me see(gets squrit with kectup by rigby) hey


mitch: you idiots look what you done to me

rigby: you know that very fun to prank someone

mitch: no you don't understand(preparing to cry) that was never fun to prank me(crying while running away)

benson appeared

benson: that wasn't very nice to mitch

rigby: but it was just a prank

benson; that wasn't fun to do that to mitch(leaving) and don't forgot to apologize when i'm gone(left)

rigby: do you think mitch will be okay we should apologize

mordecai; no dude i'm sure he'll forget about it

35 mins later while playing video games

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