"That's what you think."
Professor Barranco
Professor Barranco

Character Info Edit

Name Professor Barranco
Species Rabbid
Gender Male
Hair None
Home Moon
Occupation Lord of the Rabbid Empire
Affiliation The Moon
Family Zelok (son)
Argan (son)
Home Universe
Played By Crispin Freeman
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Gokai killer

Super Megaforce Killer(Barranco's Evil Robotic Ranger Assistant)

Professor Like Rabbid Student, The Game With Pain Eye And Bandage and Movie With Hair And Glasses He Seems Crazy On The Movie His Minons Like Him On The Movie. He is 25 Years Old.

however in the regular show fanon he along with bowser and king pig are the main antagonists as leaders of the Rabbid Empire.

He invented Super Megaforce Killer, an evil Ranger designed to destroy and hunt down heroes and transform into Dark Dino Charge Ranger(Mostly as a robotic suit that has a chair inside with levers, buttons, screens, and a controling suit similar to control a robot monster or robot).

name= professor barranco(sometimes called general barranco)


rank= leader of the empire

friends=bowser king pig chef cochon pink bowser jr andre skynet mumm-ra shark butt and kamek

enemies= mordecai gumball the angry birds studder finn and the rest


In the Raving Rabbids Games he is shown to be a cruel dictator who let's nothing get in his way, the rabbids are shown to be afraid of him. In the Rabbids Invasion, he is a lot nicer to his minions,but still mean. Other then that, he is very persistent and doesn't like rabbids who turn out better then him.Other than that,Barranco 3 has a really big ego.

Relationships with the RabbidsEdit

He is sometimes shown to care about their safety, but sometimes overreacts and hurts them. In any case he cares for them, and they care for him,as they were wiling to make him a funeral after they thought he died. It is unknown how he treated his father or grandfather.

With humansEdit

He hates them, and wants to wipe out their entire race.


However, he invented a clone ranger named Super Megaforce killer to hunt down the heroes. Super Megaforce Killer is likey also a robotic clone with dangerous weapons, dark abilities, and explosive powers inside of him. Super Megaforce Killer is immune to any Ranger shot, due to his power level about 87394%.


  • Blade of the Forsworn
  • Energy Sword


  • Genius Intelligence: Professor Barranco was a genius in the fields of biochemistry, genetics, and cloning.