when mordecai rigby gumball and Darwin replace Anthony's bed as a cozy smooth matress from the smart bed it causes him to have a coma and its up to mordecai and the others to get the smart bed back before its too late but apparently it was querded by a dump dog


the episode starts with mordecai and rigby

mordecai: so what do you want to do today

Anthony appeared

Anthony: hey guys whats up

mordecai: nothing we were bored

rigby: yes plus theres nothing what we can do

anthony: well i believe ya'll can do something

mordecai: hey anthony

anthony: not now i'm busy doing my game

mordecai: but anthony

anthony: aw mordecai you idiot you may me lose my (brakes his back) ow my back i'm sorry mordecai its just that when i get angry its causes my back to get hurt sometimes(left)

mordecai: dude maybe we can get him a new matress

rigby: great idea

at the matress store

mordecai: hum nope too hard too smelly too... regular hey just right

back at the park 3 hours later...

gumball: hey guys what's up

mordecai: we got a new bed for anthony

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