this is like a parody of the ape from the amazing world of gumball


when mordecai and rigby are raking the leaves they saw barranco leaderless and they seem to find out his army is has been fallen so they let him decided to become frineds


the episode starts with mordecai and rigby raking the leaves

mordecai: man this kind of job is so l.a.m.e low fun, activity, material, enternational

rigby: you always believe everything was lame

mordecai: no don't put your attemps on me

rigby:(spiff) yeah right

mordecai: take that back(poked in the eye by rigby) ow

rigby:poop you (poked in the eye by mordecai but no effect) that does not hurt (heard crying) hey did you hear something crying

mordecai: yeah I think it's from the tree

they went to the tree and see barranco as a hobo

mordecai: barranco what happen to you

barranco: well i'll tell you(clapping his hands) flash back please

it shows a flashback

barranco: when my minions are working on something to help me rule earth I was watching but sundennly theirs a tornado we tried to stop it but it ended up put a fall to my army killing them as I got knocked out accidently by my minions but when I woked up I see my minions dying and burning especially melting

the flashback ends

mordecai: no wonder you became leaderless

barranco: yeah so I decided to become friends with you

after dinner...

mordecai: and that is why barranco became a friend with us

everyone:(except for Nicole) wow that is so awesome you became a true friend donkey man you are awesome for becoming a friend(left but still except for Nicole)

barranco: hey Nicole ya alright

Nicole: listen barranco i'm not gonna be fooled you use to do a bad thing to me when I was 10

barranco: look Nicole I change to be a friend

mordecai: yeah Nicole why do you have to be a jealous cat

Nicole: but i'm not a jealous cat i'm serious

orange: serious I thought you were Nicole hahahahahaha

Nicole: orange please don't push it

orange:(bird) hey what did I do

studder: yeah what did he do

Nicole: I meant the fruit

orange: aww I was expecting that to be a bird

mordecai: com on barranco let's do something outside with that jealous cat

Nicole: I told you i'm no jealous cat

rigby: yeah right

outside at the backyard...

mordecai: alright barranco heres what we can do

rigby: yeah we can do a rap battle song let's do it

mordecai: rigby your so brown kind of remind you're like poop

rigby: look at these feathers you called those feathers they look like fur from the room

barranco: let me try (doing the rap battle) hey rigby you look so small you might as a size of a kid and mordecai your so big you look like bird zilla

mordecai: bird zilla what makes you think about that

barranco: well duh see the birds you were way bigger than those guys

mordecai: yeah let's play video games instead

after they played video games.....

barranco: man I can't believe rigby won

mordecai: well I want you to have this it's a recipatation paper

barranco: for me

rigby: yeah he gives those things to people all the time for are decided to become friends

mordecai: and tomorrow we will throw you a surprise party

they left except for barranco

barranco: I can't believe they fall for that I was actually join in the good side man my mission shall be a great success hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha- huh(sees his transmission computer watch beeping then he presses the button)

king pig: (on transmission) hey barranco did they fall for that and did you got the recipatation paper to reveal the secrets yeah

barranco: yes they did and I certainaly did

the next day......

Nicole: I feel bad for myself you guys were right I was jealous

mordecai: let's see how he feels now

at the living room their was Anthony tided in rope

Nicole: hey Anthony what happen


Nicole: huh(gets the tape out of Anthony's mouth)

Anthony: ow all I was trying to say it turns out it was one of barranco's lies so he caught me so I was tied in rope then he left with the recipatation paper

Nicole: rewind that and in the middle

Anthony: it was one of barranco's lies

Nicole started to have a vision where she and her brother (dyl) were running from the rabbids

Nicole:(as a 10 year old kitten with a child voice) com on dyl we need to get out of here before the rabbids kill us

dyl: no Nicole I was the one who cause all of this madness but I am going to finish it so leave without me

Nicole: but what if I lose you and besides our father was dead

dyl: deal with it I deserve for to survive or to be DEAD IN HEAVEN!!!!!!!!

barranco appeared

barranco: that's want you think(killed dyl in the chest with a lazer gun)

Nicole left

her backstory ended

Nicole: com on guys let's get in the cart

at the highway

Nicole: barranco is got to be around here somewhere

mordecai: wait is that a rabbid drop ship

barranco: you fools you will never stop I wasn't really becoming a good guy anyway I will reveal your secrets as well

rigby: but what about the empire fallen as leaderless and while you were crying

mordecai: expecially when you have became a hobo

rabbid: that was fake here's the real flashback(clapping his hands) real flash back please

it shows a flashback

barranco: as you can see where I was trying to figure something out to rule the world I realize something I told my minions to show my plan to pretend that I was becoming a good guy so I was diguize as a hobo

flashback end

barranco: so now I can reveal the secrets hahahahahahahahahahahaha(closed the drop ship door)

mordecai: we got to do something

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