mordecai: i love watching news

rigby: i wonder what's gonna be the news today

news man: breaking news we haves strange creatures in-[breaking up] the city and [breaking up]

rigby: oh great the signal's signal battery must be out


mordecai: what was that let's check out side

when they check outside it was a gigantic ship it was sending escape pods to the ground


mordecai: you call this cool that;s no cool

rigby: a bunny he's so cute

mordecai: do you think there space rabbits or something

rigby: mordecai there just rabbits this kind of rabbit must be special

mordecai: are you sure they just regular since that one is special

rigby: yes

mordecai: what do you think we'll name him

rigby: i guess i'll name him fuzzy

mordecai: the escape pods must of broke the signal by accident

rigby: don't worry about it now i'll probably have fuzzy as a pet

fuzzy: bwa bwa bwa bwa

then he bit rigby's finger

rigby: that kind of hurts do you think he's hungry

mordecai: i guess so

at the kitchen

shrek: oh donkey this rabbit is very special

mordecai: i know right

shrek: i think i'll give him something to eat...... and wela carrot slice cheesecake

fuzzy took a bite of that cheesecake and he loves it

shrek: i knew he would like it

then gumball and darwin appeared

gumball: hey what's-

both: whoa

anthony: hey guy's wow

darwin: he's so cute

anthony: what's his name

shrek: his name is fuzzy

then benson showed up

benson: mordecai and rigby don't forget to take out the trash because tomorow is tues-

benson saw fuzzy

benson: what is that thing

mordecai: that's a rabbit but very special, plus his name is fuzzy

benson looked at fuzzy for a moment

benson: something tells me that rabbit is not a rabbit

rigby: benson your just jealous

benson: no i'm not i'm serious

suddlenly they all teleported except for benson

meanwhile smoewhere at the rabbid spaceship

mordecai: where are we

????????: well duh your in our ship now

mordecai looked at the rabbid commander with a red eye

mordecai: who are you

??????: my name is GENERAL BARRANCO

rigby: what do you want from us

shrek: yeah here to take my cheesecake

barranco: no you big fat occer i want to- uh

gumball: you want to what

barranco: uh to visit the park

anthony: that's it you teleport us to your ship and now your here for a visit

barranco: why yes but i want something else special

darwin: like what

barranco: bring me the powers that way we will protect the park

rigby: i forget to ask ya something are you good or evil

barranco: uh good

shrek: okay we promise we will find the powers we promise

soon they teleported back to the park

mordecai: all right guys let's find some powers for barranco

they look so hard until rigby found it

rigby: i found the powers

skips: guys please don't deliver the powers to barranco

mordecai: why not

skips: cause that rabbid is evil

rigby: that's not how you say rabbits it's rabbits with a t.not rabbids with a d,plus he's not evil.

mordecai: alright barranco we got the powers for you

barranco [com]: great i'll teleport ya'll back to the rabbid ship

skips tried to stop them but they already teleported back to the rabbid ship

barranco: well done boys i am proud of you

mordecai: anytime barranco

barranco: but i have something to tell ya

rigby: what

barranco: i am actullay evil

mordecai: huh?

barranco pulled the level then it trap them with a cage

barranco: bwahahahahaha i was so lying that you guys are stupid enough to think i was good thanks to your stupidaty i shall prepare the invasion on the park

?????: step away from my friends

barranco: who said that

fuzzy: me

the gang: fuzzy

mordecai: you can talk

fuzzy: of course

rigby: why didn't you tell you can talk

fuzzy: well duh i just don't feel like talking to someone else so now barranco prepare for my darkside into goodside

barranco: very well traitor RABBIDS ATTACK FUZZY THE TRAITORES RABBID and the rest of you other rabbids invade the park

fuzzy defeated a bunch of rabbids and he frees the gang

fuzzy: alright guys let's do this

they fight a whole lot of bunch of rabbids

barranco: forget it my soilders i must try to do this my myself

barranco use his lazer gun he shoot but miss, plus he accidently shoot the core of the ship

rabbid soilder 1: well boss looks like you shoot the core by an accident

rabbid soilder 2: and we're gonna

barranco not yet my soilders i got a few escape pods left

there's only one escape pod left too bad for them now cause it said out of order

barranco: we are so dea-

the ship exploded then out there was the gang with fuzzy

then they landed back to the house and they got out of the drop escape pod

mordecai: you were right skips they are evil

fuzzy: for right now guys i have finally join to the good side

benson: good for you fuzzy but still don't forget to take out the trash

mordecai: oh yeah

the end

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