Ray is the tenth episode of Regular Show Adventures.


Mordecai, Rigby and Wally are pretending they are playing football when Benson yells at them to go outside for an emergency meeting. Benson says that the park is being audited because Pops tried to pay the park's taxes with lollipops. After supposedly firing Muscle Man for not taking the situation seriously, Wally offers a suggestion; Mordecai's accountant brother, Ray. Rigby does not like Ray because Ray stole all the attention from Rigby on Mordecai's sixth birthday party. Despite Mordecai's objections, Wally brings Don and Ray to the park, where he immediately takes the attention from everybody because he is cool, nice, funny, and the total opposite of Mordecai, and also because he gives a hug/hand-shake thing which he calls "sugar". Rigby's hatred for Ray however grows, and it goes far enough that he mocks Ray and throws a football in Wally's stomach when he was hanging out with Ray. Eventually, when Ray is almost finished with the taxes, Wally drives Ray away after Rigby says that Ray should never have been born. Mordecai finds out and tells Rigby to bring Ray back, but Rigby refuses to and says he can finish the audit by himself. However, he does it wrongly, and the park begins to disappear by the audit. Benson and the others try to get Rigby to bring Ray back, but Rigby's frustration is too big. Mordecai tells Rigby that although he doesn't have a brother, he believes Wally and Rigby are his brothers, despite how annoying and immature Rigby can be. This gets Rigby to go with Mordecai and Wally to Ray's house in order to bring Ray back, but Ray is too sad to go back. But Mordecai explains that the reason Rigby hates Ray is because ever since they were kids, Ray managed to take Mordecai's friends away from Rigby unintentionably because he was so cool, which drove Rigby to be heartbroken. Ray apologizes for taking Rigby's friends from him, and explains he was just trying to be a follower of Mordecai, because he believed everything Mordecai did was so cool, but everyone just thought these were Ray's ideas and that Mordecai was his big brother, but it was the exact opposite. With Rigby and Ray's relationship better, they go back to the park in order to stop the audit. Ray is almost finished with the audit, but says that Wally still needs to give him some sugar, so Wally does so. The park is restored to normal, and Ray says good-bye, saying his work as an accountant is never done. Rigby and Ray are now on better terms with each other, and Mordecai tries to offer Rigby sugar, but Wally pushes Mordecai aside.


  • Mordecai
  • Rigby
  • Wally
  • Ray
  • Benson
  • Skips
  • Pops
  • Muscle Man
  • High-Five Ghost
  • The Auditor

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