it is a crossover between regular show and gravity falls


when mordecai and rigby made a teleporter they accidently activate it and sends them to gravity falls


it all started when mordecai and rigby are finished building the teleporter

mordecai: man i'm finished with this

rigby: well we been to every dimension how about dimension number 13

mordecai: hey i never try dimension number 13 before

as rigby presh the button dimension number 13 they got teleported

mean while at gravity falls dipper and mabel are watching the brady bunch

dipper: what a stupid show that is

mabel: i know right

outside a shock of lightning appeared then out there turn out to be a teleporter

mordecai:(out of the teleporter with rigby) man this is awesome

back inside

dipper:what was that

back outside

dipper: who are you guys

one tntroducing themselfs later

dipper: so how do you get in this dimension

mordecai:well we invented a teleporter so we decided to got to dimension number 13 so and that's how we got here

dipper: by the way i got dig champs

mordecai: really you do we have dig champs too

dipper: so let's play it

back at the shack

mordecai: al right rigby let's see who can be first by punchies

rigby: i got this

soon rigby punched harder this time in the head

mordecai: ow that's impossible i was the best

dipper: let me try

as dipper hit mordecai in the arm it has no effect

dipper: what?

mordecai;haha (punched dipper)

dipper: ouch hey your punch got me a lose tooth which still kind of hearts anyway

mordecai: all right i guess rigby won

back at the park

benson: gumball darwin have you seen mordecai and rigby?

gumball; yeah they were building a teleporter then went to dimension number 13 that's all

darwin: he very serious benson so do i

skips appeared

skips: perhaps we should build another teleporter to see what they are up too from dimension number 13

finn and jake appear

finn: hajah! we built a mobile teleporter!

finn shows the mobile teleporter

jake: it is the same as mordecai and rigbys teleporter except completely mobile also i almost forgot to tell you that you can press the big red button on it and say what destination you want to go to

jake punches the button on the mobile teleporter

finn and jake: the park house

finn and jake teleport to the park house and runs back to where the park workers are at

finn: see? it works!

skips; well does it also have dimension tecnolagy

finn: about that um... no


jake: well we didn't know we forgot to put dimension technolagy in our teleporter

skips: now since you forgot to put dimension technology in your teleporter gumball darwin benson and i can build our own teleporter BY OURSELF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

35 mins later...........

gumball; finally we build our own teleporter

benson; now let's get inside to see what they are up to

after lighting are connected to the teleporter they got teleported

back at the mystery shack.................

grunkle stan suddenly sleeps causing mordecai rigby and dipper to stop playing video games

mordecai: who's snoring

dipper: it's gruncle stan

mordecai; gruncle who

dipper: no time to explains lets play games in my and my sister's room

then they went to dipper and mabel's room

benson and the park workers appear

benson: hold!

finn and jake also appear

finn: we rebuilt our mobile teleporter and it is the same except it now has both destination and dimension technolagy

benson: finn and jake we were the ones who can see what they are up to not ya'll and besides gumball darwin skips and i already built our own teleporter before you showed up

jake: but just wanted to help yo-

benson: i don't even need help from you now just get back to the park

then finn and jake teleported back to the park

as they went to the shack it was dark

gumball: man sure is dark around here

then they went to the living room plus they here snoring

skips: what's that sound

benson: probably some guy snoring now let's find them before the guy finds out we were here and probably attack us also we need to split up to find them

gumball: you can count on us benson

grunkle stan wakes up and looks at the park workers but still looks like no one is around him he dresses up and goes outside

skips; it appears that he thinks were his kids

benson: well let's contenue spliting up to find them

gumball checked in the kitchen

gumball: not here

darwin: checked in the attic

darwin: not here

skips checked on the roof were th umbrella and the ice box are

skips: not here

benson checkd in stan's room

benson: not here

then they come back together

benson: did you guys checked

both; yes

benson; well let's check in the kids room

benson checks the kids room mordecai rigby dipper and mabel are sleeping

benson: pick mordecai and rigby up

skips picks up mordecai and rigby but they are still sleeping

benson: and now since i changed my mine im gonna need finn and jake

finn and jake appear once more

finn: just in time!

as they went out side they notice that their teleporters were destroyed by the monster from the moon


the gang went back inside the house

gumball: what is that thing

skips: it's the monster that was from the moon from our dimension

mordecai and rigby waked up as they fall down

mordecai: wait what was i doing here

gumball: are you like hurt or something

mordecai: no we were just having fun with dipper and mabel

sundennly dipper and mabel waked up as they hear the monster roaring

mabel; dipper what was that

dipper: i am not sure what ever it is mordecai and rigby must of hear it too

as they went to the living room they notice they were benson gumball darwin skips finna and jake

diiper: mordecai who are these guys

mordecai: just other friends of mind dipper there is gumball darwin skips benson finn and jake

rigby: man mabel you should of seen this

mabel; what was that roaring sound

rigby; oh yeah the monster from the moon

sundennly the monster pulled off the roof


as the gang(also dipper and mabel) went outside the monster destroyed the shack plus grabbed waddles

waddles;(crying for help)

mabel: don't worry waddles i'm sure we can-

but the monster killed waddles as being burned by the monsters breath then waddle's dead corspe turn in bacon

mabel; poor waddles

wendy appeared

wendy: hey dipper i was wrong and-(sees the monster) what the!?!?!?!?

finn: no time! i can use the destination to destination and dimention to dimention mobile teleporter!

finn quickily presses the teleporter button

finn: regular show universe!!!

before the monster could destroy them they all teleported back to the regular show universe with dipper mabel and wendy

at the house

wendy: dipper what just happen

dipper: it's a long story

benson: now since we got here and the 7 of ya'll got here you three can work here instead

dipper: yes

wendy: no sersiouly who are these guys


secret endingEdit

back at the shack soos got home

soos: hello it's me soos

sundennly the monster looked at soos

soos; uh oh.

the screen got black so the monster killed soos with his foot what a sad secret ending isn't it.


  • Dipper, Mabel, Wendy, Grenda, Candy Chiu, Soos Rameriz, Stan Pines and Ford Pines got a job at the park.

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