This is the series of Regular Heroes made by J.C. Smith. In a town named Chinatown, a sensai trains owns four ninjas who own the powers of, regular power (mind controlling), strength, laser-eye shooting and stretching. There is some suggestive violence and language. Rarely, dailogue comes up. Instead of the episodes being TV-14, J.C. decided for it to be TV-PG so kids can watch it. 


  • Nicholas Mindington - Regular Power (Mind Controlling Power)
  • Gregory Strengthington - Strength Power
  • Robert Laserington - Laser-eye Power
  • Mindy Stretchington - Stretching Power
  • Sensai Wok - All Powers
  • Peace Puppy (Sensai's dog)
  • Precious (Dolphin)
  • Mayor Pineland
  • Townspeople
  • Littus d'Creepus (Antagonist)
  • Littus d'Creepus' Brother (Semi-atogonist)
  • Moped Gang Leader (Antagonist)
  • Moped Gangster #1 (Antagonist)
  • Moped Gangster # 2 (Antagonist)
  • Moped Gangster # 3 (Antagonist)
  • Moped Gangster # 4 (Antagonist)
  • Moped Gangster # 5 (Antagonist)
  • Possesion Lemon (Antagonist)
  • Chime Shop Cashier
  • South Pineland Townspeople
  • Mayor South Pineland
  • Sensai Duwa
  • Sensai Tuwa
  • Sensai Euwa
  • Sensai Cuwa
  • Sensai Muwa
  • Sensai Fuwa
  • Misfit Rowdy Boys (Antagonists)

And More...


  • Season One
  • Season Two
  • Season Three
  • Season Four
  • Season Five
  • The Training Episodes
  • The Final Battles

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