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History Edit

Regular Sequel is a spin off/sequel to Regular Sow,taking place 16 years later.Mordecai and Rigby have retired from working at the park,marrying Margaret and Eileen and settling down to have kids.Mordecai's son Matt and Rigby's daughter Rachel are now in high school,and have followed in their fathers' footsteps,becoming groundskeepers at the park,which is now owned by Pops.The show follows the daily irregular lives of Matt and Rachel at the park and Two Peaks High School.

Main Characters Edit

Matt:The son of Mordecai and Margaret Quintel,Matthew "Matt" James Quintel is a video game loving,soda chugging ladies man who is an aspiring artist and part of his school's basketball team,the Two Peaks Lightning Bolts.Matt has a secret crush on Rachel,they begin dating at the start of Season 5.

Rachel:The daughter of Rigby and Eileen Salyers,Rachel Salyers is a laid back slacker who likes most of the things that Matt likes.She has inherited her mother's intelligence,but she hides it with her father's cheesy jokes and attitude.

Muscle Dude:The son of Mitch "Muscle Man" and Starla Sorrenstein,Mark "Muscle Dude" Sorrenstein is basically like a teenage version of his father,getting in detention a lot and making My Grandma jokes.Muscle Dude is also part of the same basketball team Matt is on.

Timmy Roberts:One of Matt and Rachel's best friends,this orange fox has no relation to Eileen even though they share the same last name.Timmy is the school's main photographer for yearbooks and the school newspaper.Timmy also has a crush on Liz,the girlfriend of Matt's arch rival William Oswald Wacko Jr.

Victoria Bennett:The other one of Matt and Rachel's best friends,Victoria is a woodpecker who is a valley girl,although she can be tough and aggressive just to protect her friends at times too.

Mordecai and Margaret Quintel:The parents of Matt and his little sister,Mary.

Rigby and Eileen Salyers:The parents of Rachel.

Benson Dunwoody:Still the park manager and the single father of his son,Benjamin.

Production Edit

After Regular Show ended in 2018,Cartoon Network had been struggling to find one specific show to save them.The channel barely stayed on air,but managed to survive by airing reruns of their old 2000s shows.A few years later in 2023,a young CalArts graduate by the name of Jordan Spicer had rose to massive popularity on YouTube due to his animated web series entitled The Misadventures of The Idiot.Realizing they could bank off of this success,Cartoon Network approached Jordan with one million dollars,hoping that he could make a full length cartoon show for kids about the Idiot.Jordan accepted the offer and began production on it,however eventually Jordan along with Cartoon Network excecs gave up on the project,but the studio still wanted him.Giving him the chance to write and star in his own show.Right when he was given this opportunity,Jordan began work on a sequel to Regular Show that would still fit in the Regular Show canon.Jordan also began to work on a secondary project with one of his old friends,Xavier Satre entitled Exoid,though Jordan was most focused on the Regular Show project.After finishing a script for one episode,Jordan gave his pitch for both Regular Sequel and Exoid,with Cartoon Network greenlighting both of them.Having enough production value to create one season,Jordan was able to get all of the original cast that he needed plus JG Quintel as a creative consultant.The first episode of Regular Sequel aired on Jordan's birthday in March of 2025,to great success.Cartoon Network had now finally got two shows aired back to back that made them popular again.

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