Regular Show: Regular Movie is a Cartoon Network movie that will be released in cinemas on 17th December 2013, and is rated PG.


A few weeks into the future of the park, an evil force is created in an accident at a nuclear powerplant. It begins to do evil in the park and everything is destroyed. The evil force sends two robot versions of Mordecai and Rigby into a portal to the past to destroy the real Mordecai and Rigby knowing that it is impossible to do it now, because they are hiding from him trying to kill him so he needs to send them there ti destrpy them when it is possible before they kill him. Mordecai and Rigby are seen all jacked up and hiding behind a pile of garbage and talking to each other. They know they have to go in the after them. Then the title song comes on and it is amazing. But then they miss their time travel because they were way too distracted by the title. Now they have to create their own time machine and get back to the past. Unfortunatelly all they have is a piece of paper with a drawing of some alien cyborgs trying to kill a giant dinisaur. Then it shows back to the past where everything is normal and explains how the whole thing started. Death is in his mansion and he goes outside. He gets on his motorcycle and drives into a portal that takes him to the front door of Benson's apartment. He busts open the door and says "Benson Wexington Geneva, I have come for thee" Benson doesnt get that he is about to get killed. He is laying down on the couch in his house, watching tv with a blanket over him with trach all over the floor, eating a bag of potato chips with the lights off, bla bla bla, being rude. Then Death is about to kill him until his bratty son and his friend start bratting around with him. Benson has to die because there is a hole in his chest. Benson runs away while he is arguing with the brats and drives away in his car. Death chases after him on his pitchfork as a flying vehicle with the brats on it. The brats wanted to go to work with him because it was take your son to work day. Benson is firing weapons at them all. He outruns them and Death and the brats get all blown up. Then Death just leas back in his mansion being depressed about how he cant kill anybody at his job. A big fat old argument rages on about it and then a portal to the inderworld opens up and sucks him in. Apperantly this explosion is what caused the evil force to come out of the nuclear reactor. Death is in court and the judges pronounce that he can no longer have his job anymore and that his job is now going to be given to Darwin from the amazing world of Gumball. Then Death tries to explain how they could possibly give it back and the judge states that the only way to get it back is to prove that he can beat his friends in a race. The main reason that he is getting fired is because he is friends with Mordecai, Rigby, Skips, Pops, Hi-5 Ghost, Muscle Man, Benson, Thomas, the Babies, the Wizard and other innocent people. They call over Mordecai and the others to fight in the race for who gets to win. Death gathers a big team of people to get on a ghost piarate ship to race for and along with him. The leader of the pack is Garret Bobby Ferguson Junior who is yet to get more revenge on Mordecai and Rigby for killing his father. They have to race from one side if the underworld to the other side of the underworld where there is located a thing called the Palms of Injustice, which is the opposite of the fists of justice. Anyone who puts those fists on has to face their worst fear ever. If they overcome that fear then they can gain unlimited power and do whatevervthey want. Garret Bobby Ferguson Junior wants it to get revenge on Mordecai and Ribgy and get his father back. Death wants it to get his sife back and Mordecai and Rigby want it for their own selfinsh needs.