Regular Show: The Movie is a 2015 PG-13 animated movie, based of the tv series Regular Show.  The movie features JG Quintel, William Salyers, Sam Marin, Mark Hamill, Roger Craig Smith, Janie Haddad-Tompins, Brandon Frangipani, and Robert Downey, Jr. as the characters.


In the city of New York, 19-20 year old Brandon Frangipani has just come back from retirement of the Finders Expedition after at least 3 years in the service.  Before he could get in his house, Muscle Man and High-Five Ghost come from a portal and take Brandon and his Brandon-Manian mechanic, Meapert II.  Brandon and Meapert II find themselves in a civil war against an alien race called the Deathrage, which Brandon has encountered since 2012 when their home planet was destroyed.  Muscle Man talks about Nero, the Deathrage's darkness, which Nero is over 3 billion years old.  Rigby gets killed by Nero with a spike disc and is sent in a coffin.  Later at the funeral Skips tells Brandon more about why Nero had been in his twin brother Francis.  Then Nero shows up to the funeral and kills Muscle Man, High-Five Ghost, Pops, and Benson, including with Meapert II.  Nero then climbs aboard the rebuilt ship the USS Francis.  Mordecai, Brandon, and Skips take Rigby's body with them and climbs aboard the spaceship before it goes out of orbit.  Nero talks to Death about the soul exchange, mentioning Rigby's soul (along with the other souls) in exchange for world darkness domination.  Death refuses and Nero almost kills Death, but Mordecai grabs a dark lid with his Darkness-Handled gloves and shoots back Nero's dark bullet.  Nero almost kills Mordecai, but then Rigby knocks him down with half of the Light Cube (as used to kill Mei Szing in a flashback).  Then Mordecai and Rigby kill Nero with the rest of the Light Cube, and release the other souls.  The ship is sequenced for self-desturct, so everyone gets off and the ship is destroyed.  The end credits show Nero talking to Biker Sam, and holds Benjamin Cooper (Sly Cooper's son) captive.

This movie is PG-13.

Game Based off the MovieEdit

Regular Show: The Game (based off the movie) is a 2016 game for the Xbox 360, PS3 or PS4, PS Vita, Wii U, and 3DSXL.