Regular Show (flim) is an Movie based on The Show, Its Real Life/ Animated Movie based on Regular Show, Starting The Voices of Regular Show, Nick Jonas and Victorius Justice.Also Jim Henson's Creature Shop created life-sized puppets of Mordcai and Rigby for use as on-set reference, to locate the characters in relation to the live actors. When the puppets proved too large, however, David Alan Barclay rebuilt and re-sized them.Its Kinda Like Looney Tunes: Back in Action ! But its Basedon Regular Show and one Secen is Like The Back in Action, But Mordcai and Rigby are at Cartoon Network Studios Headquarters.

Plot Edit

Mordcai and Rigby are at Cartoon Network Studios asking Them for a better Episode. Then They Get Quit and Gotta Go Back Home, Then When They Got Back Home, They Were Bummbed and tought They could make a better Episode, Then All The Characters come to Do it, Then When Cartoon Network see it They Didn't Like it so they Fired, Then All of Them Were Mad at Mordcai and Rigby, so They Dissated to go away.Rigby said that they shouldn't fire them.Mordecai said that the other shows like The Looney Tunes Show and Adventure Time should have paid a fourtune,and that Regular Show can not be ending.Rigby told Mordecai that there wasn't anything they would do. Then They Bummbed into a Major Regular Show Fan (Nick Jonas)When He Heard The Story That The Show is endding becuase they got fired, he going to help them. Then an Evil Villan an Gumball Mashin, His name is Bensen. Hes an Copy of Benson that made Robots in the studio to fire Mordcai and Rigby. Then When Robots Come to Kiddnap Moedcai and Rigby, then The Boy has Kicked Them and Pwn Them Down, Then There was a Note in back of it That said ' Things To Do: 1. Wash Mother's Back 2. Make Roots to Kidnap Mordcai and Rigby 3. Buy Food 4. Kill Them. Then Mordcai and Rigby go find the evil Guy. Then The Evil Dude's Daugter ( Victoirus Justice) wants to become good, then They go on a Big Adventure to get the evil dude

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