I know about the things people did to gender bend Regular Show. I know about Regular Switch and many other versions and fanfics on deviantart. Regular Switch is the only one most believable i've seen so far, but I personally think mine is most believable. So let me share my idea! :)

Summary and charactersEdit

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The Characters as described in their profiles.

(If this actually existed, The title would remain 'Regular Show'.)

Moura, a 17 year old blue jay, and her friend Roxxy, a 14 year old raccoon, try to make work at the park a fun time. With their hot tempered manager Bonnie and the rest of their friends, who knows what could happen in a regular show?

  • Moura is a blue jay who loves to perform songs. She has a gift for singing and accompanying her friend throughout covers they do. Aside from her talent, she plays video games, roleplaying, and fake wrestling, all with her best friend. Moura wears a sleeveless aquamarine colored flowy dress and has shoulder length blue hair. She has two rubber bracelets, one black and one blue, on one side of her arm. Other than that, she looks like Mordecai.
  • Roxxy is a raccoon who is described as a 'vixen' throughout most of her and Moura's roleplays, because she always gets to play the villainess. Roxxy's personality alone is sneaky, mischevious, and energetic. She refuses to do her work most of the time. Whatever Moura will do, Roxxy will follow. She has two light brown pigtails, a light brown sleeveless shirt, two belts (one black and one white) and a dark brown pleated skirt. She also applies thick eyeliner around her eyes and wears two types of bracelets (both are black, but one is rubber and the other is super thin like a slinky.) Other than this, she looks like Rigby.
  • Bonnie is a female gumball machine who can easily get frustrated. (Bonnie was inspired by Benny from 'Regular Switch'.) She can explode when too angry, and she usually targets Moura and Roxxy when not getting their work done.You can always see her with her clipboard when on the job. Bonnie has blonde hair at shoulder length, and wears a red dress with a heart imprinted in the center. Other than that, she looks like Benson.
  • Grams is a lolipop woman from loliland, and has been around ever since the late 1800s. Grams always tries to cheer people up in any given situation. She herself can be looney at times. The house featured in the show is Gram's house. She has very light blonde hair, and wears a black hat with a daisy on it. She also wears a black v-neck vest over a yellow long sleeved shirt. On her vest is a yellow smiley face pin (hinting she is always happy.) She also wears a knee length gray skirt with white ruffles at the hem. On her feet are knee- length black boots. Other than this, she looks like Pops.
  • Hops is a yeti with an immortal soul. She always knows how to solve every situation the gang gets in, especially supernatural. Her real name is 'Strolls'. She has a white ponytail held back in a pink band (along with additional white hair at the sides of her face.) She wears a pink tank top and a navy blue jean skirt with a belt. She does not have the muscular complexion like Skips, but is nonetheless hefty. Around her neck is a dream catcher necklace, an item used to protect herself from evil spirits. Other than this, she looks like Skips.
  • Muscle Woman is a girl with a crude attitude. She loves to party and make jokes such as 'My Mom', and can prank anybody, just like Muscleman. She goes to the gym occasionally, but gets easily scared when pre- chewed food of any kind gets on her face. Her real name is Mary. She wears a quater length navy blue shirt too short to cover up her whole belly, but when she pulls it off for a chant, a black tank top is revealed. She also wears a black miniskirt and brown shoes. Her green hair has spiky bangs in the front. Other than that, she looks like Muscleman.
  • Fist Bump Ghost is Musclewoman's best friend. She follows Musclewoman everywhere, and silently observes things in any situation. When in agreement with Musclewoman, she fist bumps with her especially when Musclewoman tells one of her jokes. Fist Bump Ghost wears a black bracelet on her wrist above her head, and  at the very bottom, the spiky ends on her head repesent her hairstyle. She fades from light purple (top) to dark purple (bottom) other than this, she resembles High Five Ghost.