Synopsis Regular Show With Matt and Rachel is a spin-off of the series Regular Show that follows the adventures of Mordecai and Rigby's kids.

Main CharactersEdit

Matt;The son of Mordecai and Margaret who likes art,basketball and going on adventures with his best friend Rachel. He takes after his father but has some traits from his mother. He also has a younger sister named Maggie. He is a groundskeeper.

Rachel;The daughter of Rigby and Eileen who is a tomboy likes slacking off. She takes after her father like Matt and has some traits from her mother. She is intelligent but covers it up with cheesy jokes and immaturness. She is a   groundskeeper. Reccuring Characters   Benjamin;The  son of  Benson. His parents are divorced and he lives at an apartment depressed. He's stuck working as a cashier at Cheezer's for rent.He has a crush on his neighbor.Muscle Dude;The son of Muscle Man and Starla.He has a twin sister named Sierra.He loves pranks, tells my grandma jokes,and gets in detention alot.Sierra;The daughter of Muscle Man and Starla.She has a twin brother named Muscle Dude.She is called Goth Girl by some people because she's very goth.Her crush is Matt eventhough he has had 5 dates and likes Rachel. Her best friend is a ghost named Goth Chick Ghost. Maggie; The daughter of Mordecai and Margaret. A girly girl who likes to dress up. Her big brother Matt will play with or babysit her. Her best friend is Lolli. Lolli;   The daughter of Pops. Who likes swimming, hanging with Maggie and playing with Pops or  Benson.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

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