mordecai and rigby are doing some chores but sundenlly the true dark secret is rising


mordecai: i can't believe we kept on messing things up

rigby; why do we always mess things up

mordecai; i don't know we just are

rigby:(spiff) yeah right (get punched in the arm) ow

mordecai:(get punched in the eye) OW!!

they kept on fighting but sundenlly an earthquake rumbles then it stops

mordecai: rigby(punched in the eye) ow rigby listen( get punched in the other eye) ow stop it did you hear that

rigby: hear what

it rumbles again out of the ground was a giant one eye tenticle sphere body monster


benson appeared

benson: hey guys why haven't you take out the trash y-(sees the monster) what the!?!?!?

the monster shoot his purple thing at benson

benson:(thrown in the grown) ow (knocked out with purple lightning)

the monster left

mordecai and rigby came to benson

mordecai: benson are you alright

benson was covered purple still with purple lighting benson open his eyes black without eye lids but sundenlly tries to attack

benson:(demon voice) raarg RARGE RRRAARRGGEE!!!!!!!!

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