Richard(gumball's father) gets a job at the park


it all started when nicole was passed out

mordecai: nicole can you please wake up

nicole:(nearly open her eyes)

rigby: see mordecai i told ya

nicole:(closed her eyes)

mordecai:(punched nicole)

nicole:(woked up) what where oh i have a strangest dream that richard was working at the park

mordecai: that's not a dream silly that's real

richard: that's right nicole i got a job at the park

mitch: do you know who else has a job MY MOM!!!!!!

benson: alright richard your job is to...... take out the trash

richard:YES SIR!!!!!!!!!(drives his kart to take out the trash)

nicole: oh my gosh this is happening again

mordecai: what are you talking about hes just doing his-

nicole already left to the house

mordecai: job

15 mins later....

nicole:this is not happen

????: nicole

nicole: i can't believe


nicole; what am i gonna do let the world-

the voice was from anthony


nicole: PLEASE DON"T DO IT(looks at anthony0 oh it's just you anthony

anthony: what are you nervous about anyway

nicole; it's richard he got the job and bad things will happen

anthony: nahh your just jealous about richard having a job

sunddennly the singing voices sing appared then it stops

anthony: your just making that up do you

back with richard

richard: ahh finish with the trash cans(sees the dead ran overed animals) perhaps i could throw these corpes away too

with mordecai and rigby

mordecai: man he did things the right way

rigby: i know man nicole might be so jealous i mean why did nicole says that it's happening again(sees richard left and forgot the other corspes) dude we should do the rest to have his job

mordecai: i know man i know

back with nicole...

nicole: (wasing the dishes)

outside richard droves by

back inside the sink's water goes up then nicole turns it off

nicole: anthony did you see that

anthony: see what

nicole:(turns itn on and it got back to normal then turned it off again) com on

anthony: all i see is water duh

back with mordecai and rigby, richard passes through mordecai and rigby and their colors are swapped

rigby: huh? why do i have blue all over me?

mordecai: what somethings not right

rigby: what are you talking about

mordecai: we need to find skips

at skips's house

mordecai: skips we need your help

skips: what is it this time and why are your colors swapped

rigby: we don't know all we remebered was richard passes through us but sudennly our colors been swapped

skips: hmm something tells me that(started to speek in an unknown laugnange) quin ze nana loopa so lenz zee

mordecai: what

skips: la does quin ze nana loopa so lenz zee

mordecai: well just be outside

they got outside

rigby: what is going on here

mordecai: i don't know but at least we took care of the dead animals so let's ask nicole to ask her what's going on

rigby: good idea

back with nicole and anthony

anthony: nicole calm down richard didn't do anything wrong all he did was just doing the chores

mordecai and rigby still with their colors swapped appeared

nicole: mordecai rigby did richard do something wrong

mordecai: well he forgot a few dead animals so we took care of them

nicole: well at least it wasn't so bad this time (turns on the tv)

news man: this is news 25 strange things are happening (showing at the south pole) when the south pole gets hot

penguin: it's suppose to be cold

news man:(shows at the west) meanwhile where the desert is full of snow

camel: it's suppose to be hot

news man: (shows the clock machine) somewhere from the clock machine it's time is getting speedy quick

person:it's suppose to be 3 o'clock

nicole:(turns off the tv) see i told you

mordecai: no wonder richard cause us to make our colors swapped and cause skips to speak some wierd laungeinge

gumball and darwin appeared

gumball: hey guys we heard that dad got the(sees mordecai and rigby) wow why is your color different

mordecai: well duh because richard droves by and cause my color to be changed

nicole: get in te kart guys

with richard.....

richard: doing the job so cool i mean(cause the day to night) so cool i mean (cause the day to day) so i mean (cause mitch to be floated)

mitch: what the!?!?!?

back with nicole....

mordecai: this isn't good....

a senior finn is passed through by nicole, mordecai, rigby and skips

finn: why... i-i-im not supposed to a-act that quick... (dies)

mordecai: we need to get benson

a few minutes later after they got benson

skips: hey guys i can speak english again was i was trying to say that richard might be the one who cause to destroy the universe as nicole said this isn't happening since earilor

mordecai: that's what i thought

anthony: hey look theres richard

richard:(kept driving then push the lever)

anthony: the more we were closer to richard the more closer the gravity is

as they got closer to richard he makes them switched heads

mordecai:(with anthony's head) what's happening i feel super smart

richard:('makes their heads switch back)

gumball: that was close

darwin: that wasn't so bad was it

the gang:(switched gengers) AAAHHHHHHHHH(into video game characters)AAAAAHHHHHHHHHH(into clay characters)AAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH(kids turned to babys and adults turned to old adults)HHHHHHH(turned to ghosts)AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH(turned to puppets)AAAAHHHHHHHHH(turned to normal) aaaahhhh!!!!!!!

nicole:CAN'T!!!!!(turned into a red cat)TAKE IT!!!!!!!(turned to yellow cat)ANY!!!!(turned to real life cat) meow

gang:(turned back to normal again)

rigby: that's totally not good

gang:(gets back in time)

skips: i can speak english again

mordecai: great we might have got back in time

rigby: he's too good

the gang got through but did it again and again and again and agian but stopped

benson: well be turning in left

the gang in the kart turned to left and see richard going to do the final job

nicole: benson you need to fire him

benson: but he hasn't done anything wrong

nicole: hes destroying the(started to melt) the universe

mordecai and rigby: ew

nicole:(as a liquid)i'm alright i quess now go stop richard

mordecai rigby and anthony:no-oo(started to mest up by richard) riicchh-aarr-aarrr-dddd---NNOOOOOOOO-OOOOOO-OO-OOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

richard:(picked up a dead animal but sudennly makes things back to normal and peace ful)

the universe got back to normal

mordecai: where's the doomsday

nicole:(got back to normal) that's it

benson: man richard you are so great you are so working for the park members(left)

richard: did you hear that nicole i was so tottaly working for the park members

anthony: well this is kinda wierd

darwin: totally right

rigby: is this a joke

finn appeared

finn: guys what happen

nicole: it's a long story so everything was back to normal this time

skips: according to my mind it appears that after the last chore might have defeated the doomsday

mordecai: well looks like everythings back to normal

gumball: you said it


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