Rikku Chakira is best friend of Cleona Sotori and Emmilee Gilberta.


Rikku is described as very pretty. She has wavy, platinum hair that goes a bit past her shoulders, remaining a consistent length throughout all three seasons. Her eyes are wide, dark-lashed, and sky blue. It appears that she wears mascara. She is fair-complected with no visible blemishes. Her lips are a rosy pink and plump. When Rikki smiles, it is revealed that she has straight, white teeth. Throughout the series, she has styled her hair in the following ways: loose, tied up into a messy bun, a loose ponytail, and double braids. Her body is slim, but not to an extreme, and shows signs of athleticism.


Rikku is confident, controlling, and responsible, Rikku is quite rebellious, independent, sarcastic and carefree, making the two argue often.