Mordecai and Rigby are in the coffee shop watching the football game on tv. The place is reallly crowded with lots of football fans because of that. Mrdecai and Riby's team wins and a rousing cheer fills the coffe shop. Then the program stops for commercial break. Margrette wlks up to the noisy duo and asks them how their meal is going. They say good. Then she starts up a gossip conversation with them about Eileen and her crush on Rigby


Football Host: And he's going for the win ... and he's going for the win ... and HE GOT THE WIIIIIIIN!!!!!

Mordecai and Rigby: OOOOOOOOOOOOOOH!!!!!!!!

(Everyone in the coffe shop also cheers and woots, then Rigby jumps up on top of the table)

Rigby: Eat on that jerk!!!

(Rigby throwns his football on the floor as he says jerk)

Mordecai: Hahahahahaha

Margrette: Hey you guys how's your meal?

Mordecai: Good, good

Rigby: Our team just mested up those buttholes in the face!!!

Margrette: Hey thats great! This place is always crowded on football saturday isnt it?

Mordecai: Yeah but at least its a lunch rush right? Lots of money for your boss means he can risk giving more money to you and Eileen.

Margrette: Yeah i guess so. Speaking of Eileen, she does really bad at flirting with Rigby whenever she talks to him doesnt she?

Mordecai: Aw-haw-haw yeah.

Rigby: Awww YEAH!!! She just talks like a nerd and beats the heck out of herself whenever she does and acts like a loser.

Margrette: Hahahaha! Yeah! And then your always telling her to shut up and stuff and you act like a total jerk towards her.

Rigby: Oh yeah and remember that time when she was asking us to go to the golf couse with her and I was all like STOP TALKING!!! Every single time she would say something?

Mordecai: HAHAHA! That was so awesome and then it lasted for three years until she just started crying and never talked in front of you again.

Margrette: She never talked at all

Mordecai: Whoa seriously?

Margrette: Yeah

Rigby: Oh Here She Comes!!!

Eileen: Hey there you guys hows your meal goi-



Eileen: Hey Guys that was not funny!!!

Rigby: Yeah it was.

Eileen: Well Margrette you should get back to work. Your boss isnt looking very happy with you right now.

(Margrettes Boss is looking at Margrette and he tears off his shirt and it has a tattoo of Margrette on it with a knife in her head and her being hung by a rope with big words that say "I WILL FREAKING KILL YOU MARGRETTE" on it)

Margrette: Sigh ... My boss over reacts to every little thing I do. Well bye you guys.

Mordecai and Rigby: Bye Margrette

Eileen: Hey what about me? Arent you going to say goodbye to me too?

Rigby: What oh uh I need a refill on my coffee make one now jerk.

Eileen: Hey thats not how you talk to me. I meant say goodbye.


Eileen: HEY!!! ... you guys needbto be way more respectful.

rigby: shes right we need to be respectful

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