mordecai: look we got mail

rigby: what does it say

mordecai:[reading the letter] dear m.and r. my name is shrek.i am an oker but friendly.i also love cheesecake.if you have any cheesecake don't forget to savesome.but if you don't have anycheese cake i'm gonna take a poop

sign shrek

p.s. sometime i'll say donkey everytime

rigby: i didn't know he likes cheesecake\

mordecai: me too

pops: mordecai rigby this is shrek

mordecai: nice to meet you shrek

rigby: yeah shrek nice to meet you

shrek: nice to meet ya'll too guys by the way do you have cheesecake

mordecai: yeah

shrek: yay donkey i love cheesecake

muscle man (mich): do you know who else likes cheesecake?

shrek:uhh your great uncle sterenstein

muscle man: no my mom

12 mins later at the bathroom

shrek:oh donkey i love to take a poop from my cheesecake

shrek made a giantic poop in the toilet


after the bathroom break.....

shrek: oh donkey i'm gonna have cheesecake for breakfast,lunch,and dinner everyday.

shrek went to the kitchen and there is no cheesecake left

shrek:no cheesecake!?!?!?!?DONKEY!!!!!!!!!

benson:FOR THE LAST TIME MY NAME IS BENSON!!!!!!!!!! NOT DONKEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!AND WHAT DO YOU WANT!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? 


shrek: the cheesecake your need to buy at the grocery store.

benson:i don't get it

shrek:yes you do donkey

benson slap shrek with his hans


benson:just for didn't even anounce that eariler i will ripped your pitchure

he ripped the pitchure


the next day......

shrek:oh donkey i'm bored with all that cheesecake donkey

mordecai: hey shrek

shrek: hey mordedonkey

rigby:hey guys

both:[mordecai]: hey rigby [shrek]: hey donkey

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