when mordecai and rigby are having a walk for a while until they see slender man


it all started where mordecai and rigby are playing games

mordecai: man playing games is actually kind of boring

rigby: i know man i don't really know what to do

15 mins later they were in a walk

mordecai: man i cna't believe taking a walk was a good idea

rigby: yeah (bumped into a tree) what the (sees the note, pulled it off and reads) always watch with no eyes

mordecai; man some people will somehow try to spoke us with slender man stuff(sees slender man) uhh rigby you might wanna see this

rigby:(turns around) is that slender man

slender man:(walking towards them)

mordecai and rigby are running for their lives back to the house

back at the house.....

mordecai:)out of breath) i can't believe slender man turned out to be real

timon and pumbaa appeared

timon: what do you mean that (reads the note) have you ever heard of slender man

pumbaa: what's slender man mean

timon: he's the guy who likes to stalk and scare people while sending out notes

pumbaa: oh really i bet he could be a nice guy

timon;(pulls the pitchure out of his back) but pumbaa don't you remember the last time we were spotted by a ghost

it shows a flashback


flashback ends

pumbnaa: oh yeah i forgot ('sees slender man at the window) hey isn't that slendy right from the window timon: i must barakate (gets wood some nails and a hammer

after timon barakate the doors and windows they were still scared

timon: this is it our lives will be doom if slender man destroys us all

sonic appeared

sonic: what's going on

pumbaa; good qustion slender man was outside so timon barakate the doors and windows

mordecai: that's because we were the first ones that saw him ' sonic: i don't beliveve n slender

mordecai: you don't believe n slender how about this note always watch with no eyes

studder appeared

studder: hy everybody

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