When barranco bowser king pig and broccoli are in for a walk benson skips pops and Thomas accidently broke the clone machine and send out the fake ones after that


The episode starts with barranco invent a new machine

Barranco: wow I usually never even invent the clone machine before soon after it's done loading to data we will use it to clone ourselfs and take over the world

Broccoli: you know I feel like having a walk first

King pig: yeah I feel like having a walk first

Barranco: fine walk first then we will be successful

Soon barranco broccoli king pig and bowser get to the walk

10 mins later while on the walk but still at the lab

Benson: well looks like we have a plan

Skips: yeah hey where are the villains

Benson: I guess their on a walk

Thomas: pops get out of their

Pops: I can't my heads stuck

The 3 are pulling pops

Skips:(accidently press the button and reads the warning sign) warning do not clone for about over 3 people oh uh

Suddenly the clone machine gets destroyed while the 4 are throwed in the wall

Fake skips:( comes out of the clone machine) duh duh hahahaha duh duh

Fake benson:(comes out of the clone machine too) skips where did you put my head

At the walk

Benson: barranco barranco

Barranco: well well well if it isn't my arch goodies benson Thomas pops and skips

Benson: yes I know but we need your help so let me explained

One explanation later....

Benson: and that is how it happens

Barranco: well did it go the data from one hundred percent

Benson: no it is like only from 56 percent

Barranco: this is bad now that it doesent go on 100. Percent they are now dumb stupid annoying and violent

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