Don, Kyle, and Nick visit an abandoned theme park.


Donovan, Nick and Kyle hold a movie night at Kyle's house. They choose movies, but can't decide between a romantic comedy or an action/adventure, so they do a vote. However, Kyle was wondering about visiting Sunshine Mountain, an abandoned theme park that, was evicted for its scary rides. Donovan backs out of the idea, but Nick is "hands down" about it. He asks Big C about joinig in on the fun, but he is too busy eating buffalo wings for a competition he wants to win. Donovan is hesitant, claiming that the theme park is not even real and that it is just a myth to "make kids' guts barf out of their throat". They decide to go anyway. Later, they arrive at the park, which is locked with metal chains. Kyle find a crawl space, thugh, as they sneak inside. On the way, they find carnival games, train rides and a food court. Kyle stated that this place is obscene, but is cut off when he has an urge to find a restroom. Nick soon finds the dastardly rollercoaster, Cloud Nine, and is a bit uncertain. Kyle, then dashes towards the entrance and jumps into one of the cars. Donovan and Nick end up inside the car as well, after chasing the raccoon in. Their seatbelts somehow snap on, and Kyle is starting to become hesitant. Nick is scared out of his mind, so Donovan decides to get out of here. However, the lever on the podium to start the car is pulled as it starts moving. An eerie voice is heard and they find a high-pitched, obese guy named Yuko Olives, as he reminds them that they can't exit until they die (Yuko said, "The only way to leave is to enter heaven."). They ride through avoiding sharp bumps, corkscrews, loops, even long tunnels. During the tunnel scene, the cart is launched into the air, as Donovan kicks Yuko onto a propane tank as it explodes, killing him. The trio jump out and get bruised and broken. Donovan, Kyle, and Nick end up in the hospital where Don and Kyle's girlfriends Jade and Nanci comfort them. Big C enters and tells them that he won the wing competition and received $500. Kyle asks him if he can pay the hospital bill, ending the episode.


  1. Donovan
  2. Kyle
  3. Nick
  4. Big C
  5. Jade (debut)
  6. Nanci (debut)
  7. Yuko Olives (antagonist) (debut)


This Friday Evening Episode Guide

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