Characters Edit

  • Benjamin
  • Reginald
  • Mystic (First appearance)
  • Muriel
  • Margaret
  • Eileen
  • Mordecai
  • Rigby
  • Pops
  • Skips
  • Benson
  • Muscle Man
  • High Five Ghost
  • Lady Gaga (Guest appearance, first appearance)
  • Loid
  • Q-Bee
  • Loana
  • Fronk
  • Loid

Story Edit

Mordecai and Benjamin burst into the kitchen where Reginald, Loana, Fronk, Loid, Skips, Rigby, Pops, Q-Bee and Benson had been talking. Mordecai held up thirteen purple tickets and gave one to everyone in the room leaving six to be given out as Muscle Man, High Five Ghost, and Mystic walked in, they each got their tickets leaving just three. Benjamin took the last three and ran out of the house and gave one to Muriel, one to Margaret, and one to Eileen and then came back with them.

"What are these tickets for?" Benson asked.

"I Don't no Benson?" Loana Cryed.

"A Lady Gaga concert, and its tonight." Mordecai replied.

"Lady Gaga? I like her!" Reginald said.

"You know who else likes Lady Gaga? MY MOM!" Muscle Man replied.

"Lady Gaga?" Loid asked.

"She the goodless singer." Fronk Said.

"He's actually not joking." High Five Ghost said.

"When's the concert?" Skips asked.

"Tonight, in two hours." Benjamin replied.

"Well, I think we deserve this." Benson said.

"After all, we've not pissed you off for a couple days." Mordecai said.

"True." Benson said.

"Ok Everbody." Q-Bee Asked.

They all got ready and met outside at the golf-cart and rode it to the concert. Once inside they sat down in the fifth row which was right next to the end of the stage. The announcer announced that the show would be starting in five minutes. Five minutes later The Edge of Glory could be heard as Lady Gaga appeared on stage singing. The crowd began to cheer as she walked to the end of the stage. Mordecai stuck his hand out and she leaned down and touched it, Mordecai fainted.

"I never knew Mordecai was that obsessed with Gaga." Benjamin said as he stuck out his hand, and it too was touched.

Once Lady Gaga finished The Edge of Glory the start of Paparazzi began to play as she changed into a different outfit and reappeared on stage singing. After the concert Mordecai revealed that all thirteen tickets were backstage passes as they went backstage. Backstage they met Lady Gaga who was waiting for them.

"Hello, my little monsters." Lady Gaga said to them.

"H-hi." Mordecai said.

"Why did you call us Little Monsters?" Cryed Loana.

"Little bit of infatuation?" Benjamin asked.

"I think he's just overwhelmed." Reginald said.

"It was really nice meeting you, but we've got to get going." Lady Gaga said.

"Can you sign this first?" Benjamin asked handing her his deluxe version of Born This Way.

"Sure!" Lady Gaga said and signed it, she handed it back and left.

The thirteen split up and went to their homes content with the night. Mordecai uploaded the pictures from that night to his computer where he clicked 'save'. Mordecai returned to his room where Benjamin, Rigby, and Reginald slept. He fell asleep quickly.

End of Episode Four'

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