a storm cause a power outage and the gang needs to try to survive with out power but somehow they have been encountered by a ghost


it all started where mordecai and rigby are playing video games

mordecai: come on i'm gonna beat the mega robot

rigby: were gonna win were gonna-

sudennly the lights were off

mordecai: huh what just happen

rigby: I can't see a thing did we forgot to pay the electric bill

mordecai: no we didn't

????: don't worry guys I turn on the emergency power

mordecai; wait is that you Anthony

Anthony turned on the emergency power

Anthony: I see the problem its a power outage

mordecai: aghh what cause all of this

Anthony: a storm hit the power with it's lightnings so let's just wait till the storm goes away and the power goes backon

rigby: i hate storms they cause rain, hurricanes, and tornadoes aparently fomerly as twisters

mordecai: we have to deal with it

benson appeared

benson: hey guys theres a blackout so why don't we just calm down and wait till the storm is gone and we have power back on

mordecai: at least theres no such things as ghosts

benson: i shouldn't even say that if i were you

mordecai: why do you think that

sudennly there was a strange laugh and the emergency power got offline

anthony: what's wrong with the emergency power did the storm find a way to knock it out

benson: no i see this type of thing than before it's the ghost that turns off the emergency power

ghost: i'm going to destroy you all

rigby:AHH GHOST!!!!!!!!!(running away)

mordecai:OH MY GOSH THE GHOST IS REAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(running away)

finn appears

finn: i got a big flashlight with forever lasting batteries so we can see where are we going

mordecai;finn look out behind ya

finn: huh(turns around and sees the ghost) WHAT THE FLIP!!!!!!!!!!!!

ghost: you will not escape

the gang runned away

ghost: you may run but i'll be back(left)

mordecai:(checks to see if it's clear) clear he's gone now

the gang got out and the emergency power got back online

rigby: we need to do something about this

mordecai: yeah i better get some help

sudennly shrek appeared flying then landed

mordecai: is the ghost making you float or something

shrek: no silly that was my 9:30 am flying i believe i can help you with something

mordecai: well find it

shrek: okay then(founds it) heres this(reveal as a video game)

mordecai: huh scooby doo night of the vampires the game shrek what is wrong with you actually

shrek: i'm really dumb now RRRAAAARRRRGGGGGGGG(left)

benson: i mean seriously this game is nothing but bullcrap plus we don't have a playstation at all

mordecai: playstation yeah that sucks

rigby: totally if you ask me

mordecai; wait a minute i got an idea

rigby: oh call the ghostbusters

mordecai: no they not even real now listen this game can be our idea

rigby; what

mordecai: we can try to get that ghost just like in scooby doo

rigby: that is the most stupidest dumbest idea ev- wait that's not bad see ya benson

the gang have left except for benson

benson:(talking to his mind) i hope your right mordecai

at the kitchen

mordecai: there he is our target

the ghost looked at the gang


the gang attacked the ghost

rigby: eat vacumms ghost(sucking the ghost)

the ghost's skin is sucking but revealed was actually furry

mordecai: furry

furry: oh i was just having a dream that i was battling bad guys

mordecai: i still don't understand

anthony: well according to my mind it appears that he is sleep flying the stitch as the emergencuy was like a bridge swithc only from his dream and the reason why he was laughing cause in his dream some people farted in  his dreeam

mordecai: and why is there a blanket on him

anthony: cause that was his favorite blanket

furry: well if it weren't for you medalling mammals i would've been awake for right now (smiling) but good solving mysteries

mordecai: no problem

somehow the storm is gone and the power got back online

mordecai: hey the powers back on

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