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Season 2, Episode 17
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the boys are having a sleepover but Nicole and mabel are not invited cause their girls


the episode started outside at the park

mordecai rigby gumball Darwin finn jake shrek furry pops Thomas mitch hivefive skips dipper Anthony Homer orange and pear gathered up

mordecai: alright guys this is very important

orange: is it time for singing the song nya nya nya nya nya nya nta

mordecai: no

Thomas: humiliate Homer by making him wear dresses

Homer: Hey!

Mordecai: no

Anthony: is it time for math

mordecai; no

gumball: is it time for a dayoff

mordecai: no now listen we are going to have (smiling) boys sleepover

all boys:ooooooooooooooooooooooooo

nicole and mabel appeared

nicole: hey guys what ya'll doing

mordecai: we are having a sleep over

mabel: may we come

rigby: sorry this is boys only

nicole: what? we're not invited?

anthony: well duh your girls and we're boys

nicole: please invite us to your sleepover please

anthony: no for the last time we're boys your girls

the boys left to skips's house

nicole: did you see that these boys are having a sleepover with out us cause we're girls

mabel: so what their just boys what could get wrong

nicole: well there probably about to move to boys acadamy

mabel: so wh-WAIT WHAT!?!?!?!?!?

nicole: and live their for two hundred years

mabel; this can't be happening we need to get these guys back

later that night it was 8:30

mordecai: alright guys its 8:30 we got 2 hours and 30 minutes left so lefts party till 11: 30 to sleep

boys: yeah

outside while th boys are partying

nicole: okay it's 8:30 what are we going to do

mabel: hmmmmm i got the idea

2 mins later after the idea

nicole: (wearing dj clothes) i can't believe i dress like a dj

mabel:(wearing past donny g's clothes) i'm sure they won't find out we were in diguises

nicole: (wearing dj clothes) yep ill act like a male dj

mabel:(wearing past donny g's clothes) then ill act like past donny g

at skips house nicole and mable are holding k.i.l.i.t radio audio and skillrex dubstep discs

skips: hmmmmmm..... yep you can boost up the party with K.I.L.I.T. audio and skillrex dubstep

mordecai: hey um who are they

nicole:(trying to immute dg) i am dj

mabel:(trying to immute dg) i am...... john dj's twin brother

th girls in disguises are trying to be good at kilit sudio and skrillrex dupstep

mordecai: you know they are nicole and mabel right

rigby: yes they sure are

mordecai: i'm kinda a bit worried why would they get to our party

rigby; probably because they wanted..... to spy

mordecai: hm what are we gonna do now

rigby; well if their going to ruin our night we're going to ruin theirs

mordecai: i don't know rigby that doesn't sound a good-

rigby: this is a good idea we're going to tell them what boys do and that's all

mordecai: your right all boys....well who aren't girls report to me this is important

the boys gathered up to mordecai and rigby

nicole: oh it's probably the party report

mabel: nicole he said boys who aren't girls

nicole: well more pizza for us

mordecai: alright guys listen up our party has been invaded by girls

pops: (angry) i am so angry

mordecai: i know i'm angry too

the boys while angry stared at nicole and mabel

nicole:(immuting dj's voice) hey

mordecai: shut up

mabel: wow rigby you look a little unhappy

rigby:STOP TALKING!!!!!!!!!!!!

mordecai: i think you some hair cut

mabel: uhhh.....haircut (punched by nicole) oww

nicole:(immuting dj's voice) we boys do nothing more

mordecai; great(snap his fingers)

skips:(holding the scissors) here goes nothing(cutting their hair the wrong way)

orange (bird): maybe a little blow can help ya(blowing the hair)

pear:(holding the glue) how about this(squirting the glue)

studder: now to give your hair 15 slaps(slapping the girls hair to spread all over the hair faster)

pear: now orange(fruit)

orange (fruit): here goes nothing( shoting seeds on the hair)

nicole:(being nervous and immuting dj's voice) okay our hair is great

mabel:YES SO YOU CAN STOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

rigby: we're not finish

mabel: oh uh

skips put the roller skates in their feet and cut off all the clothing off the girls and the only things the girls are wearibng are what they are wearing before they wore disguises

rigby: done now look at the mirror

rigby shows nicole and mable the mirror but they see what the men has done to them

nicole: YOU MONSTERS!!!!!!!!!!!!

nicole and mable try to chase the boys bu since the roller skates are put ion their feet they slip and crash into the walls and not the boys

boys:WE KNEW IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

mordecai:YOU IDIOTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

nicole: oh uh

mordecai: boys let's use the energy swords

the boys get their energy swords

mordecai:(holding his energy sword) THIS IS FOR SPYING AND TRYING TO RUIN OUR SLEEPOVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

the boys getting closer to kill nicole and mabel

mabel: this is it we're going to die (hugged nicole while being scared)

boys:THIS IS YOUR END!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(about to kill nicole and mabel)

nicole and mabel again tried running to the door but slammed into it and again not the boys and fell unconcious then they woked up, shaked their heads and started to fell scared


the boys stop

mordecai: what

nicole: look we're girls not boys i can't even take it(crying) are you like gonna be angry mobs or something

mordecai: actually we already knew

orange: we had (exploded)

nicole: what do you mean you knew

mordecai: we're not idiots we just find out

rigby: also you guys spy

nicole and mabel:(looking at each other) spy??

mordecai: yeah also that is not easy being a boy

nicole: i didn't say it was easy to be a boy we thought we were gonna lose ya'll forever

mordecai: you did all of this cause you think you are going to lose us aww we're not going to move anywhere you silly

everyone: hahahahahahahaha

mabel: say how about we have a pillow fight

outside nicole and mabel are throwned outside

mordecai: sorry this is still for boys still see ya tommorow bye(close the door)

mabel: well at least they didn't kill us

nicole: well i guess i still feel bad about not being invited

mabel: nicole it's 9:00 pm the nights still young let's have a girls' sleepover

at their sleepover

pink (bird): so let's play games and watch tv and uhh do homework

nicole:(sigh) yep this is getting annoying i feel like being a boy again

Peter Griffin appears

Peter: can I be in your sleepover?

Girls: No!

Marge: feeling like you want to be a Boy now?


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