mordecai rigby gumball darwin finn and jake have been kidnapped by argus.


it shows the doomsday of the park

at the carrier it was those guys M,R,G,D,F,and J somehow obeying arugus the master brute chieftain.

argus: now let's put an end to the park

the gang:YES SIR

they press the glassed button

the carrier was starting to collaspe the whole park.

....3 days earilor....

it was a beautiful day before bad things happen

theres was an important meeting with benson bubble gum and nicole

gumball: so what's our secret prize

mordecai: yeah what's our secret prize

benson:(nervous) well about that there was no secret prize


bubblegum: look the reason why because we didn't want you to get mad

finn: you liars you know what we quit this job

mordecai: yeah come on guysm let's find a different job

after that they were surrounded by promethean knights

mordecai: huh

one of them kidnapped them then they all teleported

benson: this is bad


the gang were somewhere in a unknown covenant space station

????: hello fellas

they turn around

brute chieftain: my name is brute chieftain 226 argus

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