barranco made an eclipse to send out the night vision creatures


a giant rabbid ship is on the moon

barranco: that that my friends is where we rabbids decided to live

king pig; wow wait a minute if we can breathe then why are we breathing on the moon

barranco: that's because we created an atmosphere that way other animals like both of ya'll could breathe

bowser: man you really are the best villain ever maybe the koopa piggie rabbid empire will aparently rule the world with the moon

barranco: that's why i decided to make the moon into an eclipse (pressed the eclipse button) after the eclipse i will send out the night vision creatures (pointed to the moon monster) and can someone try to get rid of this monster

at the park...

pumbaa: hey timon (gets the frisbee off of his back) do you ever feel like playing frissbee

timon: sure i alaways want to try to play frissbee

timon is preparing

timon:are you ready pumbaa

pumbaa: i'm not just ready i'm ready freddy

timon: right.....ready set(sees the sky getting dark) what the

pumbaa: hey who turned off the sun

timon: it was probably the stupid moon(talking to the moon) hey you stupid moon get out of the way can't you see that we're trying to play frissbee with sunlight

pumbaa: hey timon i figure it out what it was it's an eclipse

timon; what's a stupid eclipse

pumbaa: well it's like some sort of thing where the moon was blocking the sun

at the house

timon: hey mordecai we can't play frissbee cause that stupid moon made itself an eclipse by blocking the sun

mordecai: well i can't even read this book there's not enough light

the tv got an transmission

barranco: hello fools it's me barranco i decided to make the moon into an eclipse that way i can send something to destroy you known as the night vision creatures so i wait till you get eaten alive (end transmission)

(A teenager came in)

Teenager: Hey, I'm Meg. I'm looking these people. Note those people are my family


  • The episode is a prequel to all of the Family Guy/Regular Show crosssovers

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