Based on The Dark KNight trilogy

Movie 1: Rigby BeginsEdit

The Urge returns to the present to destroy the park, because he had his worst concert there and it led to his downfall. Rigby then joins the fight to stop The Urge, after The Urge destroys his game console. He puts on a cape and becomes the park's hero, Rig-Man.On his way to fight The Urge, he is met by Gary who says he has to defeat Rigby, because The Urge says if he does, Gary will get concert tickets to The Urge's revenge concert. After a battle, Rigby wins and continues on his way to The Urge. While chasin him, The Urge switches to fast fly mode and gets away from Rigby. RIgby then goes on the hood of Mordecai's golf cart and they chase after The Urge. They catch up and The Urge fires a guitar laser at the golf cart. Rigby then rips off the rear view mirror from the cart and deflects the laser back to The Urge, sending him back to the future. Rigby wins! But there's more enemies to come...

Movie 2: The Epic RigbyEdit

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Movie 3: The Epic Rigby RisesEdit

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