the heroes decided to have the war against the villains


it was a fine day at the park

mordecai; i'm kinda bored

rigby: me too

mordecai: I feel like having a war against barranco

rigby: okay let's do it(transmissions barranco) hey barranco

barranco:(on transmission) what do ya'll guys want

mordecai: we want to have a war

barranco: why do you want that

rigby: cause we wanted to

barranco: okay but if we win we will rule the park but if we lose you keep the park(ends transmission)


benson: why did ya'll guys start a war

mordecai: cause we decide to

benson: okay guys heres the news we don't have enough guys left

35 mins later....

the old friends and the rest of the park members are here

benson: alright guys heres the plan

big red; we're going to read notes today

benson: no but we are going on a war so let's be prepared before barranco and his army shows up

the heroes prepared for war

benson; okay weapons check strong vehicles check powerful stronger devices check powerful and check okay guys we are good to go

barranco king pig and bowser appeared

benson; alright barranco we have our one army so give up

barrancpo; sorry to tell ya'll this but I have a stronger army

its shows armored rabbids strong piggies bigger koopas shield heavy weapon robots strong ships rabbid vehicles and a bunch of rabbids koopas and piggies

benson: nice army you got their

barranco: I know this time no ones gonna stop me hahahaha

narractor: it appears that the heores and the villains are having a war can the heroes win or the villains we will find out in the next episode of regular show

(to be continued)

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