The Lost Episode is an episode when Mordecai and Rigby are sent back into time. They must fight obstacles and try to find their way back into the future. Will they pass or will they fail? Read to find out!!!

The episode starts when Mordecai and Rigby watch a scary movie called, Back into Time 3-D. It's so scary, Mordecai and Rigby start seeing creatures that were in the movie on the park grounds. They warn everyone, but they igore them. After weeks, Skips has had enough! He uses a method on them to send them back in time to face their fears. He sends them back to the creatures of the dead time. They are both given spears to attack the creatures. During the last few hours, Mordecai and Rigby fight the creaturs. Each creature gets bigger and bigger everytime. Soon enough, a gigantic monster comes in to their reach. Despite Mordecai and Rigby's fears, the monster picks both of them up. Mordecai pokes the monsters hand, letting him go. Rigby does the same thing. The monster was not defeated yet. They didn't know the monster had a weakness. They try out everything until they run out of ideas. They both forgot they had one weakness to try out, fear. Mordecai and Rigby both pretend they are scared, leading the monster into fear. The monster finally gives up. Mordecai and Rigby find an exit, but before they left, monster would tell them the real story of the movie. After hours, Mordecai and Rigby exit facing their fears. They vow to Skips that they won't watch that movie again. Weeks later, Rigby introduces to Mordecai, Ello Gov'nor. After the movie, Rigby starts to have a fear! They now have to go through the whole process again!!!


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