Nicole gets a flashback when she was young her sister gets killed by barranco


it allstarted when Nicole was staring at the picture of her sister

Nicole: why barranco why do you have to do this

it shows a flashback when she was young also the battle on elmore between the humans and the rabbids

Nicole:(young) com on the rabbids are coming to kill us

Nicole's sister: don't worry non of them could kill us

barranco appeared

barranco: mind if I kill ya(kills Nicole's sister with his energy sword)


flashback ends

Nicole: (sigh)

????: hey mom

Nicole: oh hey gumball

gumball: whats a matter

Nicole: well I have a little flashback about what happen to my sister

gumball: what happen to her

Nicole: well during the human-rabbid war when I was 11 and she was 12 we were hiding in the rock but sudennly barranco appeared and killed my sister with an energy sword

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