The Regular Express

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Premiere Date

February 16, 2013

Created By


Episode Before

Life Punchies

Next Episode

The Rats Have Got to Go

Season and Episode No.

Season 1, Episode 8

The Regular Express is a 100 minute long special episode.


5 year old Mordecai goes on a Polar Express (which is owned by the 23 year old conductor, Mordecai) trip to the North Pole, but during a trip to the North Pole, they experience unfortunate events.


5 year old Mordecai, who is hoping for the Christmas sprits to come, is sleeping in his bedroom during winter, when suddenly, everything begins to shake inside his bedroom. He puts on his pajamas and his slippers as fast as he can. He sees the Polar Express, the thing that made everything shake inside his bedroom. The conductor (named Present Mordecai, who is 5 year old Mordecai, except a 23 year old adult) tells 5 year old Mordecai that he is going to the North Pole.



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