It's a crossover of Regular Show aand The Amazaing World Of Gumball.


mordecai and rigby are having a nice day playing video games the tv was black once again like last time,the shocking came to mordecai and rigby causing them to teleport to gumball's dimension

chapter 1Edit

moredcai and rigby are playing a game called the hammer multiplayer pack extreme

rigby: come on i am going to win

mordecai: oh man i have my last life

rigby: be right back mordecai i'm gonna use the bathroom

mordecai doesn't want to loose so he decided to cheat he pull the second plug of the controller and he put a sock on the plug hole between the plug hole and the cord that way rigby won't think he's cheating

rigby: i'm back let's get back to play

rigby use the controller his controlls doesn't seem to work rigby tried but still didn't work mordecai seem to win

mordecai: hahaha in your face rigby

rigby: that's impossible i was abou-. wait a minute did you cheat to pull my controller's plug

mordecai: sorry rigby i just want to win

rigby: don't worry mordecai just don't cheat next time

the tv was black once again like last time

mordecai: what the

the tv shock them then teleport them to the diffrent dimension

chapter 2Edit

in gumball's dimension he and darwin were watching tv

gumball: what else is on

darwin: i don't know

outside the portal open with mordecai and rigby

both: ahhhh

gumball: what was that

they ran outside to see what it was

it was mordecai and rigby they stnad up to see which world it is

gumball: who are you guys

introding themselfs later

darwin: so how did you guys got here

rigby: well it all started when we were playing dig champs mordecai cheated cause he wanted to win i told him don't try to cheat next time then the tv was black and it zapped us to teleport in this dimension, by the way what world is it

darwin: it's called happy place, also this town is called elmore

rigby: elmore that's a wierd name

mordecai: uh oh

gumball: what's wrong mordecai

mordecai: i think benson will find out we ditch the park, he will think it was no acciendent, and worst of all he will probably fire us

rigby: calm down mordecai this place could be amazing

darwin: well we got dig champs 2 plus it also has 4 player mode on it

rigby: cool let's play it

meanwhile back at the park

benson: where are those lazy butt heads

skips: i guess they must've have a day off

benson: i told them they can have day offs only on summer break, or maybe they ditch the park [becoming angry] they will be so fired if they can't show up sooner or later

pops came to benson

pops: i think they been teleported tothe diffrent dimension by the tv

benson: what makes you say that

pops: well i saw them being shocked by the tv and they dissapeared i thought it was my imagination but it turn out to be real

benson: i guess we should let the tv teleport us to the dimension

skips: good idea

chapter 3Edit

mordecai: yeah you got owned

gumball: but i was about to win

mordecai: still you got owned man

gumball: let's do something else

darwin: like what

gumball: i guess we should....guess watch tv

15 mins later after watching the dig champs show

news man: we interupt for the progrem for breaking news, a giant monster is heading streight to the waterson's house

rigby: we're gonna die

10 mins eariler

skips: what does it say

benson: it says their not here

pops: they maybe in the diffrent dimnsion

they heard a roar noise they turn around,it was a monster

monster: ROAR!!!

pops: we need to get out of here before he eats us

skips: there's a portal

the portal has a place of elmore

benson: they could be in here

the monster tripped and he got inside the portal,then it was gone

benson: how long till it get's back

skips: i guess 25 mins

present day

mordecai: we need to get out of here fast

rigby,gumball and darwin: HOW???????

the monster pulled out the roof then roared


mordecai:that's how so....RUN!!!!!

they run to the kart from their dimension and started driving.but the monster startd running towards them

5 mins later... still being followed

rigby:he's never gonna give up

a portal that looked likes that has pops benson and skips in the portal

skips:quick get in the portal

they got in the portal then it closes,and now the monster invades elmore

chapter 4Edit

they finaly got back to the park

benson:well looks like we finally got ya'll

mordecai:well duh at least you find out were we are with these children

pops:speaking of children who are they anyway?

one introducing later

benson:for right now you guys probably need to get back to work,and also make sure those kids stay out of trouble

mordecai: that's what we thought.

9 mins later finaly after work

mordecai and rigby chalenge gumball and darwin to jug the whole big huge glass of coffee

benson:i don't think you shoul-

but they already started

mordecai and rigby: jug jug jug jug jug jug jug jug jug jug jug


as soon their done juging they started to fall down with their eyes shut with mouths still open

mordecai and rigby:.............................

rigby: do you think their dead

mordecai: guys wake up, and please don't be dead\

mordecai somehow hears heart pumping

mordecai: their still breathing but still can't wake up by our voices

benson: [angry sigh] well maybe you should of not let them do that

skips on the kart droves by

skips: now what(sees them) you do realize that what you did possible cause them to go to coffee world

gumabll and darwin woked up

skips: never mind

benson: whew

gumball and darwin:that was AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!

back at elmore

nicole: richard i'm sp worried about the kids

richard: oh com on nicole their just kids what kind of thing would happen to them

sudennly they see the monster attacking elmore