The Resisty is an evil Alien aliance named by the leader, Lard Nar, thanks to the idea from Spleenk. They were a bunch of alien life forms who onced with the Irken army, but however one of them decided to conqur as Planet Vort became a conqured planet.

Role in Invader ZimEdit

The only person from planet Vort who escape is Lard Nar. He became captain of the alliance called the Resisty. They attempted to steal the snacks from the Massive, but their mission however failed after Zim invenrticly pulled the Resisty Ship as all of the Resisty escaped.

New role in The Normally Regular ShowEdit

They however made a new Resisty ship and became new species of the Empire in hiring to help them capture the Heart of the park, the Magic Rings, and Cosmo for their ultimate weapon.

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