The Return and the Revenge of Little Jimmy
Season 2, Episode 11
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Backseat Drivers from Beyond the Road
Return of The Old Sangheili Leaders


little jimmy escapes from jail and contenues his revenge on timon and pumbaa


it all started when timon and pumbaa are doing nothing

timon; pumbaa i'm kind of bored

pumbaa: me too i'm so bored i could eat a bunch of bugs

sundennly a delivery package appared then the delivey truck leaves

timon: what does it say

pumbaa;(reading the letter on the package) to timon and pumbaa from your secret nemesis

sundennly little jimmy came out of the package

little jimmy:(criminal voice) hello timon and pumbaa we meet again once again it appears you change smolder's life

pumbaa; little jimmy how did you escape from jail

little jimmy: allow me to explain (clapping hands) flashback please

it shows a flashback

little jimmy: as you can see after you change my friends life i decided to make myself a box plus i made a robot me to pretend that was me with the radio as i was in the box the cop appeared and i use my radio connected to the radio robot so i said this is for timon and pumbaa so the cop put it in the delivery truck

flashback ends

little jimmy: and that is how i escape

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