mordecai realize that he forgot to put out the campfire in the fire after 3 months while melting the ice to rise red claw and his minions


it all started when mordecai and little foot are playing video games

littlefoot: key i'm kicking ya'll i'm so winning

mordecai; not for long(presses the button to throw littlefoot's player in the trash can)

littlefoot: I loose again

sudennly they heard a loud noise of walking


rigby appeared


mordecai: calm down dude what's he look like

rigby: well it's big it has a scar on it's red eye and it's arm and their a yellow eye on the other side

littlefoot: please don't tell me red claw was here

mordecai; who

outside their was red claw thud and screech

thud and screech:(roaring)

red claw:ROAR!!!!!!!!

rigby: how did that thing get here and who is this

ducky: he's the predator that eats every dinosaur including meat

rigby: how did red claw freed from his ice cube

mordecai: I think I might have forgot to put out the fire 3 months ago

3 months earlier and 2 weeks after

red claw's ice cube:(melting)

3 months later

red claw:(freed from his ice cube) ROAR!!!!!!!!

3 hours later

thud and screech:(break the hole into a big hole)ROAR!!!!!

present day

littlefoot: you forgot to putout the fire and worst of all did you fart

mordecai: I think so

sudennly red claw sniff the bad smell and looks at the gang

red claw: ROAR!!!!!!!!!!!

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