barranco discovers a secret weapon build by the forerunner army


the episode starts at the moon

barranco; what next plan i'm gonna use to destroy the heroes

suddenly barranco sees something and picks it up

king pig: hey barranco what is this thing

barranco: that's the secret weapon I've been searching for the index key build by the forerunners

king pig: how would that key would be our next ultimate plan

barranco: well I'm going to test this thing out (puts it on his cannon)

cannon voice: (scanning) index key preparing to upgrade... upgrade complete

barranco: wow this upgrades things let me try my computer (puts it on his computer)

computer; preparing to upgrade...upgrade complete

barranco; yes now I can use the cannon that got upgraded by the index key to destroy the park hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

at the park....

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