mordecai rigby gumball darwin finn and jake takes revenge on benson nicole and bubblegum


narractor:it was a beatufial day but it became horrable

it's shows the park being invaded

narractor:this day mordecai rigby gumball darwin finn and jake takes revenge

benson nicole and bubblegum are running to the garage from a monster with red eyes,sharp teeth,a yellow arm,birdlegs,a cat hand,fish shoes,a raccon tail, a boy body, with a bird head and whiskers which is laxus

they hided to the garage

benson: this is bad plus this is our fault

bubblegum: yeah i know

nicole: what's your story benson

benson: well it all began

it shows a flashback

benson:when mordecai and rigby forgot to take out the trash manytimes i told them their fired somehow they got angry with steam out of their ears their skin is going super red and their eyes are like pitchuring explosings

flashback ends

nicole: my sons are doing the same thing before i told them their grounded from doing wrong things

bubblegum: they did the same way since they had failed to stop the robbers before their banished from my kingdom

benson: i guess that monster was them

laxus: THAT IS TRUE BENSON!!!!!!!!!!!

laxus pulled the garage roof then he throw it away

laxus: now i shall have my revenge on the three of you

laxus use his lazer eyes to zap them

benson: quick let's get out of here

laxus saw that he missed

laxus:YOU SHALL NOT ESCAPE!!!!!!!!!!

they went to the house were shrek anthony and furry are

shrek: DONKEY!!!!!!! DID YA"LL HURT THEIR FEELINGS!?!?!?!?!?

nicole: how did you find out

furry: we saw ya'll hurting their feeling while their being angry at you so we invented the monster mode 900 to have his revenge

benson; and why is that

anthony: cause we like to help them giving the birth of their revenge so OH laxus

laxus open the roof to see anthony

laxus: yes anthony

anthony: take a look to the right to destroy

laxus turn the other side

laxus: THERE YOU ARE!!!!!!!!!! NOW DIE!!!!!!!!!!!

benson: next time don't do that again or your fired

laxus missed again with his lazers cause they got away

meanwhile at skips house

skips: why do ya'll have to do this?n when you were angry at them that makes them angry at you back

bubblegum: it's a long story

skips: okay now here's the plan all you have to do is to apologize but if that didn't work you guys have no choice but to kill them not like beating them up but really means to die

nicole: we can't just kill them if this apologizing didn't work

bubblegum: yes we do if we have no choice

skips: she's right

back out side with nicole benson and bubblegum

benson: um laxus\

laxus appeared

laxus: here to die already

benson: we were here to say.............

the camera show laxus's face as his eye's are pitchuring with explosions while he's roaring loud

benson: we're sorry

laxus feels happy

laxus:(HAPPY) you know what i forgive you but actually(angry) I"M STILL GONNA KILL YOU FOR NOT SAYING SORRY EARLIOR!!!!!!!!!!!

benson: quick to the kart

cut to the kart

laxus was chase them

benson was driving the kart while he sees a volcano

benson: here's the plan we will make dummies of us then laxus will be fooled by them while gets defeated by a volcano

after they made dummies of themselves they were ready so they jump off of the kart

laxus: i'm gonna get you!!!!!!!!

the kart with dummies fall in the volcano and so does laxus

laxus: (falling) I"LL GET YOU FOR THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

soon laxus was dying while melting with covered with flames especialy melting

laxus:(dying) i'

benson: sign i'll miss these guys

bubblegum: me too do you want a sandwich

nicole: we love to

then they left

...3 weeks later...

during night time it was quiet then something came out of the volcano

it was laxus somehow his rebirth cause him to became super ultra omega laxus


(to be concluded ?)

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