its is a parody of the microwave from the amazing world of gumball


mordecai and rigby created a creature which they named him bob to babysit him but however he started to eat everyone alive


rigby was playing video games

mordecai: hey rigby

rigby: yeah

mordecai: check this out (shows him what it is) bam

rigby: uhh some sort of stuffing

mordecai: not just anystuffing its my own thing that I could bring it to life

rigby: so lets do it

at their room

mordecai: alright a robotic bird head check chicken body check human arms check foot made out of carrots check but one more

rigby: whats that

mordecai: electricity (puts wires on it)

the lightning shock the making after it stops the thing awakens

mordecai: he's alive

rigby: aww he's actually cute(being attack and being bitten by him) hey i'm not ow food( grabs him) so what should we name him

mordecai: I guess bob

rigby: sure bob is a good name but is he hungry

mordecai: I guess so

at the kitchen.....

mordecai: so what should we give him

rigby: i quess we could feed him vegables and fruits

a few mins later after that......

mordecai: well that didn't seem to help

anthony appeared

anthony: hey guys wow this place is a mess and what is that thing

mordecai: that is bob he is an creative animal

anthony: hes no animal

rigby: sure he is look

bob: BA-CLAW!!!!!!!!!!!

mordecai: see he trying to sound like a chicken

anthony: that was no chicken

mordecai: i guess we get to the groceries com'on rigby(lef)

rigby: oh and by the why make sure you take care of him(left)

anthony: how am i suppose to take care of him......(sigh)

on bob's vision as robot vision

anthony: what kind of creative bird are you

voice:(from bob's robot vision) perfect match perfect match eat eat

anthony: wait what are you doing STOP!!!!!!!!!!!!

one hour later....

mordecai: we're back we got the groceries hey where's anthony

rigby: and how bob got a bit size

mordecai:(sees that bob growed a bit of an inch) how did he grow like that

rigby: i don't know

mailman:(knocked on the door and in voice) special delivery

bob:BA-CLAW!!!!! BA-CLAW!!!!!!!!(chasing to the mailman)

outside from the front yard....

mailman:(being eaten by bob) get off of me AAAHHHHHHHHHH-(ated)

mordecai and rigby got outside and sees that bob got to mordecai's size

mordecai: do you think he ate the mailman

rigby: nah he shouldn't be

mordecai: then how come he's in my size now so look at him

bob:(eating garbage)

rigby: perhaps we can ask skips

meanwhile at skips's house

skips: hmm well i don't know about this one but this thing

rigby: created chicken

skips: fine created chicken still i don't evening know what he does

bob:BA-CLAW!!!!(started to chew skips's arm)

mordecai: umm skips he's chewing your arm

skips: he's probably testing(sees that bob is chewing his half of his body) hey what's your problem

bob:(ate skips and got bigger and his eyes turned blue)BA-CCCCCCLLLLLLLLOOOOOOAARRR!!!!!!!!!!!

mordecai and rigby:AHHH(started running to the house

at the house..

mordecai: well he ate skips he probably ate the mailman and anthony too

rigby: i knew so do you want to barracate doors and windows

mordecai: yes

later that night after the house was barracated.......

mordecai: no sign of bob

sudennly something was getting the barracates out of the door\

rigby: it's bob he finds a way to get through the barracates

mordecai: let's prepare to attack in 3...

the door was open


something is coming


benson: hey guys sorry i'm(being attacked by mordecai and rigby) ow stop it you two it's me the guy who works here

they stop attacking him

mordecai: benson we could've think that you were bob

benson: who's bob

as they look in the window they see bob carrying gumball and darwin

gumball and darwin: HELP WE"RE BEINGATTACK!!!!!!!!!

benson: what is that i better go check

mordecai: no don't do it you'll get eaten

benson: just a quick check(left)

mordecai: he's doomed


benson: hello fella(hears something in the tree house)

at the treehouse

benson:(sees that bob has ated finn jake mitch pops furry kirby tiff sonic and studder) what the

bob:(sees benson)BA-CCLLLLOOOAAAARRRRR!!!!!!!!


back inside

mordecai and rigby:NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

mordecai: this is bad

rigby: of course it's bad if we never just mest things up and make barranco serve as the main villain  on our series THIS SHOULDN'T HAPPEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

mordecai: your right bob needs to be defeated at all costs

outside during 7:00 pm

mordecai:(heard something) what was that

rigby: an owl

mordecai:(heard something else) what was that

rigby: a fly(heard something) what was that

mordecai: i farted sorry

sudennly something was behind them it was bob


mordecai: quick lets shoot him with our lazer guns

they shoot bob with lazer guns but no effect worst they were out of ammo

rigby: what are we gonna do?

sundennly bob got fall over by an banana peel

mordecai: quick it's our chance

mordecai hit bob's back and rigby is hitting scratching and jumping on bob's butt

familier voices: (in bob's body) ow ow ow ow ow ow ow

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