an ancient evil awakens to put an end of the park


it was a find day at the park

at the hosue mordecai and rigby are playing the hammer 2 the revengeance

mordecai: man this is so-(got losing) huh

rigby:I'm beating ya

mordecai tried to attack him but rigby was becoming the best he won

mordecai; that's impossible i was winning but you were winning

rigby; that's because i access the cheat codes

mordecai; can i use the cheat codes too

rigby: sorry mordecai it's already used by me and besides you could,ve seen that from the manual

mordecai: i thought it saids that cheat codes from this game suck

rigby; they just wanna lie it never sucks the cheat codes got me powerful so HA!

sundennly they heard rumbling as they felt the house was shaking

mordecai: what was that

rigby; i don't know

they felt the earthquake again

??????;(loud voice) AT LAST I AM FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

gumball and darwin appeared

gumball: what's going on

darwin; i don't know

outside their were mordecai rigby gumball darwin finn jake muscleman pops skips hivefiveghost benson shrek anthony and furry.

shrek; oh donkey i wonder if it is the sound of the king of cheesecakes

furry: that's shouldn't be that's impossible.

skips: i know that sound it is knight lord

the gang;knight lord????

skips; yes it's knight lord

benson; who's night lord

skips; well he was the villain that used to be locked up in ice

mordecai: give us an information

skip; of course(clapping hands) flashback please

it shows a backstory

skips:(explaining from the flashback) during from 1,000,000,000 B.C knight lord and i used to be friends as the member of the forerunner yeties.a few months later we were battling montrossity. after a while when we got back to the station we were the best of the best. after 3 years when knight lord failed about 50 times he was fired he was force to never return.and after weeks past knight lord felt jealousy about me the best than him he takes revenge on us he create his army then destroyed the whole forerunner yetie army i just thought i was done for. but then i find out i suvived so i had no choice but to frozed knight lord and his army and put it to the underground very far away and buried it.

flashback ends

skips; and that is why he wasn't my friend anymore and now today someone has released them unfrozen.  

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